1. KustomKartKid

    NOS GEM Tecumseh H30/H35 Speed Equipment

    Got these cool nos GEM speed parts a year or so ago from ATKRider...was going to use them on my CAT trike but ended up going a different route so these have been sitting in my own display case since then. He did such a good job on the original ad I'm just going to copy it...
  2. H

    California Speed Shop In New Jersey?

    Do any of you Jersey boys know anything about this shop? Im dating this decal/sticker to be from the 50's or 60's. Anyone know if they are still around? Has anyone here ever been to there shop if/when they were open? Shop art now.
  3. Inventorpardue

    Three Chain, Two Speed Transmission Illustrated

    In the early 70's I bought a used Sears minibike, with a sprung seat. It had a Tecumseh 4HP and the three chain, two clutch, two speed transmission system similar to other minis of the time. It was the only one we ever saw back then. The chains were badly rusted and the overunning bearing...
  4. Bikerscum

    Want to rent.... Lil Indian 2 speed trans mount

    Tried to buy one (still will), but no success. So trying to be creative here... I'm a tool & die maker of 30+ years. I can make most anything, I just need to know what to make. I need one to duplicate. So.... Rent me yours. Send me a pic to verify you have one. Like a pic with one...
  5. J

    Doodlebug 6.5 speed problems

    I have a db30 and I put a 6.5 (clone) and it gets up to 45-50 and it just stays at that speed and dosent go up at all I tried a bigger carb but same problem Any suggestions on what to put in it :shrug:
  6. cheezy1

    Gnat G-100..aka Speed Buggy

    Picked this up last nite local. The guy I got it from just removed it from the crate 5 months ago. It was never opened since 1970. He bought it from a gentlemens widow. The man use to run a dealership and sold them back in the 70's. It has everything down to the original manual and paperwork...
  7. jeep2003

    2 speed question..

    Im going to try and build a 2 speed for my next progect. I have a one way bearing. First question do they usually run the front clutch sprockets inboard or outboard? and what is the distance between the two sprockets center to center? also i see the new reproductions look to use a standard...
  8. oldrelics

    HS50 carb high speed jet leaking

    I put in a new kit and the high speed jet leaks. Any tricks on sealing this? It leaks around the threads.
  9. jon321

    Question for the 4 speed '70 H people

    How do you have your throttle and clutch cable routed to your levers? I see alot of different ways on running the cables, my clutch cable tends to rub on the VIN stamp .
  10. Slipnride

    Safe high speed bearing..?

    I have been using regular 5/8" bearings for my minibikes and am curious if anyone has any good info on a safe top speed with these bearings. Im running an animal and mod gx200 that go an excess of 70mph and want to know if anyone has had bad experiences with these bearings or has a better...
  11. 125ccCrazy

    Freshly built Bonanza w/ Comet 2 speed

    decided to sell some stuff starting with this bike....I have to make one more bracket for the gas tank, torque the flywheel and head... The bike is painted House of Kolor pearl tangelo with a urethane clear coat...Trail Horse wheels NEW: tires NEW: tubes NEW bearings NEW: chains NEW: brakes...
  12. R

    2 speed clutch 1st gear sprocket

    I'm looking for the 1st gear sprocket for a 2 speed clutch. I guess these came in 21t or 24t, #35 chain, 5/8" bore. Need something in good shape and functional (teeth and ratchet mechanism) Don't need the 2nd gear clutch portion though would consider buying it if necessary. Let me know what...
  13. Neck

    Hit a speed bump

    Had a toilet tank supply line blow in our master bedroom upstairs on Wednesday while nobody was home. Might have spewed for up to an hour before we got the water shut off. Geez what a little water will do! Insurance company sent out a cleanup crew Wednesday evening and they worked on the place...
  14. jon321

    Question on my 4 speed tranny.

    Well I cleaned all the crud out of my oil spinner and got everything bolted back up started the bike , pulled the clutch lever in but when i go to put it into 1st gear it grabs hard and the bike lurches forward. It used to grab more gently i didnt mess with anything but take the clutch cable...
  15. MB165

    briggs 5hp fixed speed control rod

    Not a minibike part, I figured Id post it up before it went in the trash. NOS take off, fixed speed control rod for the 5hp flathead. It might fit others too $3 plus ship cost.
  16. J

    2 speed centrifugal clutch

    I have a bonanza bc1300 that I'm restoring to use as a pit bike at the race track. Has anyone put a 2 speed centrifugal clutch setup on a minibike? I see them for sale on eBay? How is the transition from first to second etc? Reliability? I don't think there's enough room on the bonanza for a...

    Rare nos lil indian 2 speed complete

    For Sale,my last complete NOS 2 speed trans setup,included is the base,final drive sprocket,Fairbanks Morse Driven Clutch,1st gear,one direction gear,fibre washers,Hardened 5/8th jackshaft,woodruff key,lock collar and the correct Max Torque double sprocket Drive Clutch.Max Torque Drive Clutches...
  18. S

    Baja Motorsports MB165 Top Speed

    This question has probably been asked before but I have not been able to find it. So what is the top speed of a MB165 on a ungoverened stock bike? I have a Honda 5.5 on mine but I'm going to guess that the power output of a clone and the Hondas are the same. Thanks
  19. kyle moody

    LiL Inidan 600 two speed

    up for sale is a1966 Lil indian mini matic this is the nicest lil indian in the country $1500.00 sorry no trades this minibike has never had oil or gas put in it
  20. Bikerscum

    Lil Indian 2 speed rear brake mount

    I'm soon going to be turning a 1 speed frame into a 2 speed frame, which means moving the caliper & cable mounts from the left side to the right. I will need to make new mounts, no big deal. But i got to looking at these... Lil Indians Scroll down to the right side pix & you'll see one of...