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  2. B

    1969 Rupp Roadster Kick Stand and the dreaded chain cover

    Hello My Minibike friends, I am in the midst of refurbishing a 1969 Rupp Roadster. I only have two parts left that I need. The kick-stand and the chain cover. I have looked at a ton of pics on here and it seems that both are a very hot commodity. If anyone has a kickstand or a chain...
  3. Rupp_It_Up

    WTB Super Bronc VT8/10 Kick Stand & Seat

    I just picked up 2 early 70's Super Broncs and need fenders, a seat and kick stand for one of the bikes. Thanks, Charlie Chamberlin (860) 483-1578
  4. Not so mini bike

    Long kick stand

    Long kick stand. For cat wildcat. Would look good on a bonanza. Lol. $45 shipped
  5. Oldschoolcool

    El Tigre kick stand and front forks wanted

    I am looking for a kick stand and possibly front spring shock forks for the El Tigre I just picked up. Also, a rubber brake pedal cover if you have one. Thanks!
  6. jeep4me

    Harrison Re-pop Jackshaft Stand

    I'm selling this re-poped Harrison "under the engine plate" jackshaft stand. I picked this up last fall and never used it. It includes two sets of foot peg bars. One is just a solid bar, the other is for fold up pegs. Or don't use either, just an added feature. Also includes the TAV...
  7. jeep4me

    West Bend 820 engine mounting stand

    I'm in need of an engine mounting bracket/stand for a West Bend 820 motor. Any leads or info on where to get one, would be greatly appreciated.
  8. H

    Paint Gun Stand

    A couple of days ago, I was painting a frame and using this gun stand and thinking how indisposable it has been, and realized I hadn't heard from my friend Butch who made this for me four years ago. Butch was a paraplegic from a trucking accident 40 years ago, and has been chair bound since...
  9. H

    Wheel Truing Stand (from old parts)

    Several times, I have removed the spokes from a 10" wheel, repaired or had the wheel chromed, then laced the spokes, and trued the wheel on an old axle stuck into a vice with a sharpie marker for indexing. On this latest 10" wheel for a Cat "Wildcat," I just could not get rid of the wobble...
  10. BWL

    Longtail Lesson: Sit or Stand?
  11. BBQJOE

    Help. My chicken won't stand still.

    I bought a chicken plucker off of ebay for like $40. Trying to get a rooster ready for the pot. I think I'll use a pressure cooker, although I don't own one, but would really like to check out one of these stove top microwaves, so I drove 50 miles to the nearest getting place. I went in to...
  12. topnotch

    WTB: Bonanza chopper kick stand

    Looking for a Bonanza chopper kick stand.
  13. Bobcat50

    Kick Stand

    I'm looking for a Gilson/Chalmers kick stand. Will a Rupp stand work. They look very close
  14. mlanzoni

    Looking for a 1969 Rupp Kick stand

    Looking for a 1969 Rupp Kick stand to finish project. Thanks.
  15. D

    Wanted - Bonanza BC 1300 SH Kick Stand

    Looking for an Atwood kickstand to use on my Bonanza BC 1300 SH project. Any condition considered, but looking for the best one I can get. Contact me via PM, text or phone call. Thanks Derek 330-472-2093
  16. thejoker

    Comet kick stand for sale

    Atwood comet kick stand $50 plus shipping or can bring to windber
  17. Biffmini

    WTB Trail Horse kick stand spring

    I need a original Trail Horse kick stand spring:helpsmilie:
  18. Not so mini bike

    Small wheeled bike kick stand.

    Probably lil I swim or another 4" wheel bike. Good snap on it. Isn't stuck or loose. Number stamped is 12901. Believe it's a cecor but name isn't there. $45 shipped
  19. mlanzoni

    Engine stand ???

    Hello all. I'm looking for pics or designs of small engine stands(?) / mounting platforms, that a small engine can bolt to and be started up and adjusted before installing in a bike. Does anyone have pics or drawings of one ? Thank you. :hammer:
  20. Y

    Kick stand

    Hey guys can anybody tell me where I can buy a kick stand like this one , thx