1. markus

    1/2" axle supplier, or make my own??

    I am lining up a budget and parts sources for a possible upcoming build, 1/2" axles would work the best in this application or worst case a stepped down to 1/2" on the ends (but I already have the 1/2 id bearings in stock). I would like the threaded end on both sides type axles though if...
  2. Fatboy04

    Has any body used these seats or supplier ?

    mini bike seat brand new
  3. G

    Gemini Scrambler parts supplier?

    New to the forum, and just "found" what appears to be a Gemini Scrambler at a swap meet over the weekend. Going to need some original/aftermarket replacement parts. Anyone have a line on a known supplier? Perhaps one of the other members might have some good used components? Sorry, have it...
  4. O

    Clinton Parts Supplier

    I've been looking for a head gasket for a Clinton Engine and I found this man who bought a large supply of Clinton engine parts. He said I could post his name and Ph #. However he did not have the head gasket that I'm looking for for my Cheeftah build. His name is: John Ph#:973-598-9202