1. 20210514_171335.jpg


    Homemade vinyl decal at my kitchen cabinet.
  2. 20210514_170457.jpg


    Homemade vinyl decal. Vinyl cut with Aliexpress cutter.
  3. 20200524_195738.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  4. 20200524_180108.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
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    Making and applying decals.
  6. 20200524_172918.jpg


    Making and applying decals.
  7. danford1

    10 hp vinyl decals, (any hp you want) many colors

    I'm selling some custom made vinyl "hp" decals for your engines. I have on hand 10hp but can get any hp desired. Many colors available also. The size is 7/8" tall, 1 3/4" long (22mm X 44mm). Other sizes can be made also. These aren't specific to any engine brand, just something that looks good...
  8. patrick2260

    My Muffler is too close to my seat pan and vinyl ?????

    Hi guys. The Taylor muffler has about 1/4" clearance between it and the vinyl. I don't plan to ride it but once. As I do after every restore. Then I set it next to all my others. However, I do want to make sure it's ok. If I ever sell it. Thanks and please let me know if you think it will...

    Custom vinyl lettering, logos, artwork.

    While I was looking for some vinyl lettering I found this outfit: Their prices are very reasonable. On my Abby stickers I went with the higher end vinyl and they cost about $8 bucks a piece with shipping. Turn around was fast, maybe three or four days. If you order from them...
  10. dbrick

    Wanted Manco Big Cat seat or vinyl

    Looking for a Big Cat seat.
  11. T

    49cc Vinyl decal recoil circle Black with Bright Red

    Fits GX clone recoils,might fit other but measure. This is 2 7/16" or 62mm ROUND. So I have new Red background and Black letters/numbers. Also 2 different fonts available. Just say LEFT or RIGHT in pm. $7 Shipped from CT
  12. T

    49cc vinyl sticker for recoil 2 7/16" or 62mm

    Brand New- $7 These are gloss black circle with 49cc street legal in a dark red. They fit the recoil of the 6.5hp clones. I have it on a Gx clone, fits perfect. You'll notice in pic the front has a film that gets removed after you press it down. Located in CT.
  13. Kappy

    What Rupp do I have??

    So I picked up my 1st mini bike a few weeks ago and as far as he knew it was all original except for the gas tank. I imagine the orange vinyl tank and seat covers are not original either even though they are old. It does have red paint underneath the blue. Does anyone know what model and year...
  14. P

    anyone do vinyl graphics?

    need some decals designed and made, anyone here do them?
  15. Jamie1972

    Trail horse GTO-300 vinyl decals

    Trail horse GTO-300 clutch cover vinyl decals. Reproduction. 10.00 a pair. 2 pair available. Free shipping.
  16. gumpit

    Who can make a logo and vinyl sticker of it...

    O.K. Time to start getting serious about this minibike thing. I think I want a logo for an Avatar. Something to be known for. Something when there is a sticker on the back of my truck it will be recognized. So I need someone with some artistic ability to come up with something. You know...
  17. oldrelics

    Red or Silver Metalflake vinyl

    Nothing to see here..... Sorry, I'll sell it somewhere else....
  18. allen1967

    Seats for Minibikes, metal flake vinyl

    I am changing the seats on some of my minibikes. I am leaning towards metal flake vinyl (old '60's style). Anyone willing to post some pictures of their finished seats? It will give me an idea on size, pattern, etc. Thanks