1. BajaBrandt

    Where to buy Predator 212cc engines IN CANADA?

    I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and I'm very frustrated that most eBay sellers or venders don't ship their engines to Canada. Does anyone know of somewhere in Canada I can order a Pred from?:scooter:
  2. S

    oil spilled out from where? / id engine

    I am new to the forum, and i must say that i have enjoyed every minute reading about this "odd ball" passion of mine. so my bike was on its kickstand running tonight, i let it warm up and then a sound of crashing hit my ears. I assumed the chain popped or something, but as i walked over to...
  3. C

    Fuel Pump- What goes where?

    I have this fuel pump I picked up with a tilly awhile ago, and I don't know what lines go where. To what barb do I connect a fuel in line? ( I think it is the blue plastic barb) To what barb do I connect the pulse line? To what barb do I connect the fuel out line? Also, the pump...
  4. W

    How Much Does it cost to build your own Mini Drag Bike????

    I was wondering (for the heck of it) how much it would cost to make a mini drag bike if i bought the separate parts. Also any idea where you could get parts like a drag bike chassis
  5. A


    Hey guys Its been about a year and Im looking for a good price on a clone and some hop up parts in the same place. A link would be great. Thanks:shrug:
  6. OldMinibiker

    Roller Chain Connecting Links Where?

    I need to get a few #35 roller chain connecting links but not sure where locally to get em.Does a chain store,hardware,etc carry em? I was looking online but I'm not paying the minimum shipping charges of 5 - 8 dollars for such a cheap part.Where do you get yours? Thanks so much!
  7. K


    I was wondering where to find cheap frames and parts? I've looked but they are pretty expensive. One frame I saw was $170. I also looked on craigslist but there are completes, or they are asking to much (at least I think) for just the frame. Help me