1. jaimenv

    Worn clutch key help.

    The fix/built in key on my new to me comet clutch is almost gone. The prior owner had drill a small hole on the engine shaft so to get the only set screw to sort of lock the clutch to the shaft. I am contemplating drilling a couple holes right above the shaft key way and install two more set...
  2. I

    Worn out tires

    My really old tote gote needs new tires but don't know where to find 'em.
  3. Strigoi

    Harley Davidson Road Worn Leather Jacket 3X XXXL

    Harley Road Worn leather jacket, size 3X. Bought brand new and worn maybe 10 times. In perfect condition and comes with armor in the shoulders and elbows. Retail new with the armor was around $630 + tax. Looking to get $400 shipped for it. Located in Martinez, CA I'm not on here too often...
  4. thejoker

    HS40 worn valve guides

    Has any one had experience with this issue? I brought it to the small engine shop and they basically told me I was shit out of luck. Is there any one on here that could fix this issue for me? Or is there a way I could do it my self? I'm trying to put it on my dominator survivor. thanks...
  5. Sixpac440

    Hilltopper Jackshaft wear ....

    Saturday I was out on the Hilltopper and the right hand jackshaft bearing came out of its holder. The "C" clip groove had worn away. A large groove had been worn in the shaft also a lesser groove where the other bearing sits. I welded it up, ground it in, new bearings and clips ...
  6. bigrob

    Hs40 smoking

    Hey Guys , the engine I am using in my latest DMP build is smoking when it throttles up , not so bad at idle but you can smell it I haven't done a compression test but can be reasonably sure it is worn rings Has anybody tried oil additives or thicker oil as a temp fix , I do not ride my...
  7. capguncowboy

    Rupp TC-1 (Fairbanks Morse) Driver

    I actually just need the inner flange if anyone has one. The one on my Roadster is worn all the way through the face. I'm not in a hurry, but I'll need it soon.
  8. markus

    "MAC" minibike T shirt XL

    Bought this off ebay last year or so ago, its not "vintage" but I dont think they are regularly produced? Tried it on, didn't go good with my eyes :laugh: Other than trying it on for about 5 minutes and running it through the laundry it never got worn, just hung up in the closet. Smoke free in...
  9. Hammbone1971

    Did Tecumseh make a oversized rod for worn cranks?

    I need to have my h40 bored .20 over and my crank needs work also can I find a rod that will work after my crank is fixed?If not I will just do the block .20 and leave crank alone.Any help will be great.
  10. bigrob

    Well Worn Bug

    I have been looking for a dirt bug to build for my nieces as a X mass gift , and found one today . Its too late for a rebuild , so I guess it will be an easter present LOL. Its not in to bad a shape lol, 2 flat tires , ripped seat , engine dead, pullstart cord ripped out , brakes worn out...
  11. Mr.GhettoRig

    worn surface?

    my crankshaft and rod seem to be a little rough, the shaft is only one or two scuffs, but the rod is rough as sand paper. i called up every place in the phone book to see if they could resurface parts, but i wasnt very fortunate. so, what would happen if i ran my engine like normal, even...
  12. oldfatguy

    worn rod bearing fix ?

    I have an old Briggs engine with a badly worn crank,the clearance on the rod journal is .020 instead of .002.I am going to attempt to wrap a piece of .008 aluminum around the rod journal on the crank,this will give about .004.This looks like it could work,this engine is going to be used as a...
  13. W

    Worn born

    I have a briggs 5hp #130202 engine on a kart that I've been working on. The problem is oil is getting up into the head. I purchased a new set of rings, installed the top ring about 1" down into the bore and measured the end gap which was .014. Now, I know I'm shooting for a gap of .002. Now...
  14. 5

    What do I do when brake pads or worn on Doodle-bug?

    Anyone know if brake pads are some kind of universal size? Any suppliers? Thanks !!!