Hilltopper Jackshaft wear ....

Saturday I was out on the Hilltopper and the right hand jackshaft bearing came out of its holder. The "C" clip groove had worn away. A large groove had been worn in the shaft also a lesser groove where the other bearing sits.

I welded it up, ground it in, new bearings and clips .... ground the brake puck too ... good as used!

Then I check the jackshaft on the new Hilltopper ... notice the sprocket side bearing has been welded on place?!

The sprocket is worn as well ...

Guess I know what I'm doing tonight!
Hey Yoop, might want to check yours ...
I'm guessing mine have been ridden more than a few times over the years ...

Hey Todd ... Did yours come with a factory light set up?
If it did do you have electronic brake switches mounted between the brake levers and cables?
Notice the added footrest extensions. Actually those are straight and comfortable. The rest of the parts off it are heading to Windber.
I have a 1971 Hilltopper that a buddy of mine lost the brake shaft. Any suggestions on where I can order a new one?
Also need to replace front shocks. Websites to order?