10 Trike Collection for Sale in AZ


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Ok, so didn’t think this day would come but here it is. I’m making a sacrifice.
I have 10 of my trikes from my collection I’m looking to sell.
Most are projects but one is complete w/ 212 predator w/ like 4-5hrs and another has a running Briggs
I’m keeping 6 beloved trikes from my collection but letting the other 10 go.
Looking to fund a down payment on a house soon (or maybe a nice Side x Side) that I would get more use of.
I have a group pic and can list models if anyone is interested. I am also Including a fair amount of vintage trike ads and posters. Some of them have original or repop manuals and maybe some spare or new parts. Also have an incomplete snowmobile engine that’s included.
Looking to sell as a group, not really interested in parting them out individually (I’m letting most go or keeping them all) hard to find this array all in one sale!
Some are rarer than others that I’ve only see 1 or a few of
I’m asking $4000 for everything
I will listen to offers but no guarantee I’d be interested as it took a long time and a lot of miles to track all these down and I feel it’s a fair price for what is included in one sale.
Im available weekends (best) but could arrange an afternoon/evening meet.
If interested message me and I can give other forms of contact
I’m located between Phoenix and Tucson, AZ
Willing to let someone else start or continue a great collection to help achieve our goals. If they sell they will be missed but have to make a decision at some point so I’m taking a step to help us. Hope if they sell they are loved.

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Just figured I’d update this post with a list of the models that are actually for sale (since I know my group pic isn’t the greatest especially with my ‘keepers’ blacked out)
Sperry Rand Tri-Cub
Owosso explorer 800s
Montgomery Wards T555
Scat Tracker
Alsport TS-110
Montgomery Wards T555 frame
Zap the Magic Tricycle
Tri-Scat (snowco)
Snowco Mini Scat

I do have individual pics if you’d like to see them a little better as well