1969 Roadster color

Can anyone tell me what the official green color of a 1969 roadster would be?
I'll be getting my frame back form the sandblaster soon and want to get as close to the original color as possible when it comes time to spray it.

I've seen a number of pictures on the web, but they all seem to be a little different from each other (as can be expected with lighting variations, camera, etc).

I'd be thrilled it it was metallic British Racing Green...
This Is on black widow motor sports' Web site. Hope it helps.

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Thank you!
A little lighter green than I had hoped, but I still like it. I'm not doing a Concours resto, but I prefer to keep it original color (which works since I like the color).
The frame showed up today, ready for primer.

Before you prime it, get all the rust off of it. If you prime over rust, it will come back and ruin your paint job. My suggestion is a Good Epoxy primer. I think SPI brand is the best, other opinions may vary...