2015 Build Off Entry, Savage SSC, JFF Class

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Thanks Biff...yes the mail box...it makes a great tripod. :laugh:

Well my third fender came in today for this build...and its to big to (diameter) so I'm robbing some off my other mini's and making fiberglass repopped fenders for it..I hope this works.
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Well I had another fender come in today from ebay that was suppose to fit a 6" wheel...well it was to big also. So I decided to repopp some fenders off my other mini's. This is a fiberglass repopp of my Lil Indian Sabre fender that I had laying around..Its not chrome but it fits real nice.

That bike came out awesome. Great job.:thumbsup:
Thank you Karen ! I value your opinion .:bowdown:

Every time I see this bike, I realize how I don't stand a chance in the buildoff JFF class :thumbsup:

Looks awesome Eric. The fenders are a nice touch
Hey we are all in it just for fun ! Like I told jdogg ..I'm glad to be in this build off with such great builders like your self.:wink: Thank you Andrew.
That thing looks street legal!!
Thanks Scott...hints tha name Savage Super Street Clone...but I better just stay on the back roads for now. :laugh: