1. Davis

    Mild built hemi head

    Looking for a nice complete built hemi head let me know what you got.
  2. S

    Who has scratch built a frame?

    Im looking for any tips and ideas on building a classic style mini bike frame from scratch. I live in the uk so finding a classic frame is near enough im possible! I have access to my own manual conduit bender and welder, but i would love to hear from anyone who might of built there own frame...
  3. trinik7597

    Honda 18cc built head

    This is a quick power upgrade to either hondagx200/hemi or predator .. one of my own personal race heads . Real Honda zh8 casting with 27/25 stainless valves 26# springs , aluminum locks and retainers , real Honda rockers and guide plate ,and port work already done .. bolt on power $125 shipped
  4. M

    In what Decade was my HM100 built?

    I am having a hard time determining what Decade my Hm100 was built. Hm100 159182P 9186D Was it built in 1969-1979-1989 or1999 How do you tell when you have just the engine and nothing else. I know it was built on the 186th day shift D but can't figure out the decade.
  5. tundrabeagle3

    built predator motor revisions

    Hey guys I built a non hemi predator 212 last year it has a black mamba sr cam, billet lifters, cm pushrods, 26 lb springs, billet rod +.40, hemi flat top piston, rtc 6 head sanded down around .40 and ported by me (kinda overdid it), 24 mm carb and arc flywheel with built in advance. The motor...
  6. Taco100

    Wanted vintage home built

    I'm looking for a vintage home built bicycle frame mini bike send pics and price to myj181@gmail.com thanks !DSC_2120
  7. gasser

    Fresh built mild GX390

    Fresh build, with no time on it. - Studded block - Governor removed -Oil alert removed - HD valve springs - Billet ratio rockers - HD pushrods - Guideplate for HD's - New Honda steel rod with removable bearings - New Honda piston and rings - New Honda valves and retainers - Governor...
  8. hemigremmy

    Wagon I built

    So I have had this Aluminum wagon tub I had made for about 14 years now and finally decided I had most of the parts I needed to build it. i had this vision in my head now for about 15 years but never had the gumption or all the parts to do until recently things fell into place. Since I'm not...
  9. imthegrt1

    Heavy duty built

    Pick this jewel up last night Love the spring seat and check out the foot brake
  10. Txpowdercoater

    My mini built around a 390

    This bike is being built totally out of parts I had collecting dust in the shop, so here we go. Everything is powdered, the flake is huge color changing from green to gold as the light hits it and its laid over a black base, the light green flake is granny smith green. The engine and carb body...
  11. 2

    Wards/Cestad with Built engine

    Looking to gget rid of my Wards/Cestad due to unforseen circustances. She has a built predator 212, with countless hours of me getting her right. I still had a lot i wanted to do to her stuff came up. Frame is in very nice condition. Engine build ENGINE: Predator 212cc (Non-Hemi) ARC Billet...
  12. gammatg

    Early 69 built Rupp Chopper??

    I picked up this Rupp Chopper/Cub roller over the weekend. At first I was unsure which one it was. I degreased and power washed it and found a traces of gold paint, but no orange, so I though maybe a Cub. I looked at pictures of Cubs. All of the pictures I found of the Cubs don't have a tab...
  13. bigevilone2

    A Ruttman theme bike built for O'Reilly Auto parts

    I built this bike for Joe Sebergandio who puts on Joe's minibike reunion out here in California. Joe was commissioned by CRC chemical co. to build a bike for O'Reilly auto parts. CRC owns the company KW block sealer. They have a new sealer called Fiberlock. O'Reilly sells this product. It's...
  14. capguncowboy

    Rupp Headlight with a built in Speedo?

    Is this a real Rupp accessory or something someone conjured up in their garage? I think I found a listing where one was sold here a few years ago, but the pictures were gone :shrug: 71 75 Rupp Roadster Headlight Bucket Speedo | eBay If it is real, I suppose the price is probably...
  15. Scratch built mini

    Scratch built mini

    Garage scratch built mini build
  16. B

    Tiny Thompson Built Burro Tote Gote

    Looking for a Tiny Thompson built Burro Tote Gote. These were built in the 1960's in Santa Ana, CA. Please email me if you know of one or come across one. Thanks
  17. jeep2003

    VESPA Scooter Scratch built by Jeep2003

    This bike will be a scooter looking like an old Vespa but smaller. Im using 4" wheels from an Arco. The engine is an old 2 stroke Tecumseh I think from a little snowblower. It runs good and seems powerful enough. I filed down the shaft to fit the 5/8" clutch. The old one was small with a big...
  18. G

    Well Built Mini Bike but Who Made it??

    I have seen these before on here but do not remember who made these. It resembles a Honda partially in the area of folding handle bars, rear part of frame and wheels as well as folding foot pegs but has a bottom motor mount. In my opinion it is a well made bike that would be fine with a...
  19. ToManyBikes

    New to OldMiniBikes- My Motovox I built

    Hi everyone, Iv done alot of reading off the site and gained my inspiration to build my mini from here. Minis and motors especially have came along way from my days with the briggs flathead lol. Its a mbx10 frame with a greyhound clone I built. Engine has flat top, ARC long rod, PVL flywheel...
  20. 125ccCrazy

    Dual bearing/steel bore Briggs 5hp built up

    Fresh build...dual bearing steel bore block, new bearings, ARC rod, 300 lift cam, cut spring pockets, new hd springs with locks and retainers, ARC flywheel, new valves, new piston/rings, screw in header adapter, new coil with 8mm wire, painted with two part urethane automotive white paint...