2015 build-off mttw's alsport rts

Thanks for watchin' guys and gals.Hoping to be able to finish on time with it being cold,other projects and some medical issues that have come to our household the last 2 months.

Just a uaual "yoop" build.Pipes,powder,polish and custom "flake" paint.First is to fit the pipes,then teardown so parts can go to powder.then clean and polish and get the body ready for paint.
farther ahead than yours randy :001_tt2:

started :hack: up the pipes.just had to cut 2 sections apart and weld them back at a different angle.got one side all tacked together.used the mount from the banshee for the rear on the shock tower.



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How are ya YOOP?
question...is it OK to hard mount that pipe to the frame? 2 strokes shake a bit!

as always, your builds are tops! get after it! Hope you and the family are well!
thanks guys

not hard mounting it anywhere eric.rear mount is rubber isolated,getting some kart pipe cradles for the bottom and at the engine it will be a slip joint with springs

what pipe are you talking about fist ?
welded the pipe sections together.waiting on some tubing to finish the connections to the engine,and need to make the bottom brace.(the one on it is just for mock-up)

I may run the silencers, :shrug: not sure.the left one is kinda beat up.i'll try and run something through it and hammer back into shape

Wow those pipes really look great on there.
If I had the ability to weld a set I'd be on ebay right now shopping for a pair haha.

I think a video will be required when done, it should sound like a beast.