if it has the indentation for the kickstand in the engine plate its the original tec motor i think the numbers on the engine should be a 69 model. as the bike looks to be 1969 too. ...... the ones with out the indentation seem to have briggs engines . please anyone correct me if im wrong or think otherwise. 250x is my fav. bike.:freakout: nice cat !! make sure your granddaughters know how to ride good .... a survivor bike is not a good first ride bike for anyone you need a good beater bike to teach them.


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Yes, I see your point, but I just couldn't see myself buying a Motovox. We will take our time learning. My wife has already offered to buy another bike, since there are 2 of them.
It's an early 70' model (solid Footpegs). The 69' 250X's were green, no switch plate, and sported a Briggs.

Very NICE Survivor :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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I talked to the seller, but we couldn't seem to work out a deal on it. I'm glad a member got it. I was surprised it was on there as long as it was.
Well, I went to a local Sears outlet and ordered 2 Monster Moto's for the girls. They had them at $299 ($100 off), and I feel they will be a safer bike for 8-9 year olds to learn on. It's hard to go wrong at that price. I can always upgrade the engines later.
That said, I am now debating whether to keep the Cat or sell it. I know a couple of you were interested in this bike.