1. Cat 250x, All American Slingshot, & Unknown Model (Either R4003, R4004, or similar)

    Cat 250x, All American Slingshot, & Unknown Model (Either R4003, R4004, or similar)

  2. 1969 Cat 250X

    1969 Cat 250X

  3. 20220309_180033.jpg


    Finished 1969 cat 250x rebuild
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  6. thesualc

    Cat 250x project

    This cat 250x was my fathers and we recently pulled it out of his old basement. My plan is to clean everything up and get it running again, eventually giving it to my son when he's old enough. I've done some disassembly and poking around to start to get an idea of what I think I am up against...
  7. bikebudy

    CAT 250X decals

    22.00 each decal set, Shipped All on chrome 2.00 US discount off each extra decal in your order.
  8. Hoagie


    I picked this up Saturday night for my granddaughters, but I might not want to share.

    Cat 250X chain gaurd pattern

    I have a 250X that I am trying to piece back together. I need a chain guard and would buy a reasonable priced one if someone has one for sale. Otherwise I am going to just make my own. If someone has a 250X and would be kind enough to trace the shape of the face for a pattern and tell me how...
  10. Cat 250x seat

    Cat 250x seat

    Cat 250x seat
  11. Cat 250x seat

    Cat 250x seat

    Cat 250x seat
  12. FOMOGO

    Cat 250X Wheels

    I am in need of both a front and rear wheel for a 250X. They are 6 inch. They don't have to be perfect. I just want to assemble it as correct as possible and set it up for display. It is way to small for me or the wife to ride. Thanks guys for any and all help.
  13. Cat 250x

    Cat 250x

    Cat 250x
  14. Cat 250x

    Cat 250x

    Cat 250x
  15. U

    Cat 250x parts wtb

    I need a clutch/ chain guard and a kickstand. Direction to repop is good also. Thanks
  16. Cat 250x seat

    Cat 250x seat

    Cat 250x seat
  17. gammatg

    Cat 250x?

  18. snoop

    Cat 250X with BIG MOTOR: HELP!!

    Hello All. I need help. I am still new to mini bikes so... I am working on a cat200x with a big motor on it. when I just crack the throttle to engage the clutch, it pops an aggressive wheelie! what can I do to stop this from happening? my setup: Stock cat 250x, Honda gx200 motor and a...
  19. vsickle

    1969 CAT 250x

    New here so thought I'd share some photos..
  20. snoop

    Cat 250X for $5 bucks

    Hello Everyone, My name is Snoop. I am new to Mini bikes, Hell I never even saw one until I got mines. OK Last year I bought a Cat250x for $5 bucks off a neighborhood junkie, that he found in the trash. I just got around to working on it. I am doing a engine swap because the Briggs 2.5 hp...