Adjustable hydraulic Shock Source ?

I've got a message in to OldMiniBikes since I don't see any listed online, which is where I would go first, unless anyone has a pair or could shed some light on some ATV/pit bike/MX/Fox etc ones that would be usable on a Mini bike? (12"-14" or so?) Thanks for any help, PS I know they are way more $ than the spring only types, apples and oranges...
I may go with those but I should have been more specific. The kind where the dampening is adjustable. With or without the remote reservoir attached like the front of an ATV type. Thanks
Thanks Neo, yes In fact this might be the closest I've seen so far. Just wondered if anyone has actually used a set and could lend some more exact direction. I know the quad racer guys go 600.00 to 1K for a pair but they are larger too. Ill post in a build when I decide.