Alexander Reynolds "Arco" mini bike project

Well today I decided to start to check out/tear down my Arco mini bike. I was wondering how to get the front and rear tire off. I think I might have to use a pry bar, but I'm afraid of bending the forks. Any suggestions on how to do it? Also, I was planning to drop a Predator 212cc on this bike after I get the body work done, but not sure if it will interfere with that jackshaft. Should I remove it, or do I have to keep it on? Any answers help, thanks.
WP_20150326_16_17_27_Pro.jpg WP_20150326_16_17_38_Pro.jpg WP_20150326_16_17_51_Pro.jpg WP_20150326_16_18_05_Pro.jpg WP_20150326_16_18_13_Pro.jpg
No pry bar. I'm almost positive you have to take the wheels a part. They are very similar to these Rupp wheels. Not sure how to explain this but there is no space for the tire to sink into. The rim should be flat on the inside.


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those wheels are CT70 Honda wheels, tire replacement is done like manchester said, disassembling the wheels. they use 10" tires