1. BingCrosby

    Aggie 97 restore questions

    I'm currently in the process of re-doing my high school "restoration" of my Aggie 97. One thing I couldn't do then that I want to do right is remove the booger'd-up fork stud bolt. It was held on by two nuts (I thought!!) but removal of both and significant beating did not remove it. Is this a...
  2. RustyLions

    NJ Powder Coating Cost

    When you're in need of a professional powder coating expert, look no further than Rusty Lions. NJ residents call on us to complete their projects at affordable powder coating costs. We've been a fast and reliable provider of powder-coating solutions for more than 20 years now. We've helped...
  3. FunWithStuff

    Black Star Rims on Cat Mini Bike?

    I have an HPE Muskin JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I have recently restored. It has black star rims on it, but I've seen photos of other Duster MX bikes (even though there are not many) and they have chrome star rims on them. I was wondering if these are aftermarket rims or genuine HPE...
  4. L

    Rupp Mini Bike Restoration

    I bought a rupp mini bike for $100. It is a dual suspension and has scrub brakes. I am looking to upgrade to either a disc brake or a clutch brake and am looking for some advice on what I'm better off with. Also the handlebars don't line up with the front wheel properly so I'm looking for a fix...
  5. jackeo21

    Tecumseh "Kirby" Restoration

    Hey all! After not posting here for quite sometime due to being caught up with other commitments, I decided that it was time to post something. A few days ago I went and picked up my newest purchase, a Kirby Tecumseh. I know many here won't be familiar with this name, so I thought that I'd...
  6. J

    rupp restoration i finished last year.

    finally getting around to posting it. I spent 2 years looking for parts that were reasonable cost. The biggest cost was 300 for the nos tecumseh 4 hp. I drive this frequently and my kids love it. just thought i would share.
  7. M

    New Dune Cat restoration

    Hi Guys. I'm reliving my child hood by restoring an old Dune Cat for my daughters. I had one when I was kid and loved it (blue one). I am looking for a few parts. The wheels on the one I now have are pretty rusted and rough. I need to find new replacements, or used ones that are in decent...
  8. danford1

    Sears Puddle Jumper, Fresh Restoration. $900

    Sears Puddle Jumper Minibike. Fresh restoration, modification and paint. Completed March 2017. These minibikes were made for Sears by Manco. They are high quality minibikes with front and rear suspensions. This one has Benelli hydraulic rear shocks added to it for a very smooth ride. MANY new...
  9. danford1

    Sears Best Green Streak, Fresh Restoration. $800

    Sears Best Green Streak Minibike. Fresh restoration and paint. Completed March 2017. These were made for Sears by Manco. They are high quality minibikes with front and rear suspensions. This is a very fast minibike. Not for the faint of heart ! No joke. Experienced riders only. It has a 212cc...
  10. danford1

    1972 Rupp Hustler, Fresh Restoration. $1750

    1972 Rupp Hustler Minibike. Fresh restoration and paint. Completed March 2017. Has a 4hp Tecumseh engine that runs great. It is not the original engine but is period correct for the minibike. 10" wheels with front and rear brakes. MANY new parts were installed during the restoration. It rides...
  11. danford1

    1975 Rupp Roadster2, Fresh Restoration. $2250

    1975 Rupp Roadster2 Minibike. Fresh restoration and paint. Completed March 2017. Has original 4hp Tecumseh engine with lighting coil. All lights work. MANY new parts. 12" spoked wheels with front and rear brakes. Runs and rides great. This is a rare year for the Roadster2. It is also the last...
  12. topnotch

    Here is my (2) 1970 Rupp sprints total restoration projects.

    I'm building (2) 1970 Rupp sprints right now, to add to my collection of mini's. (1) I plan to show and (1) I plan to ride, here is the one I plan to show. . Here is the one I plan to ride:scooter:.
  13. topnotch

    Bonanza 1510MX with E-code total restoration

    Got a little time to turn some wrenches in the garage, it was also 83 degrees out here in Cali today a great day to play with my toys. Free time + good weather = play time. Got this Jem a while back but I've been to busy with other projects to work on this one. Since I've been neglecting this...
  14. Gatecrasher

    Kawasaki KV75 Seat Restoration Project

    I came across a 1978 KV75 basket case a couple months ago and bought it just for parts for a good price. I sold some of the parts I didn't want or need on eBay and recouped all my money plus a few bucks and still ended-up with the stuff I wanted like the wheels, carb, engine, and seat. I like...
  15. topnotch

    Bonanza Chopper with Ace 100 Hodaka total restoration.

    Every since Marcus posted the pictures of his Bonanza chopper I haven't been able to sleep thinking about mine, so I decided to start work on this one again. Hopefully I can get this awesome ride done in the next week or two so I can stay focus on my other projects that I'm still working on. I...
  16. C

    Cat Eliminator - restoration help

    Hi all, My coworker is moving and gave me his project he never completed. Anyone have links to restoration of this mini bike. Any tips, suggestions appreciation. My plan is to repaint and clean up chrome Here's what I have. The bolt for holding front end is welded, did it come...
  17. Frank Davis

    Pair of Taco 22 mini bikes ready for restoration

    See complete mini bike section......posted here by mistake.
  18. Fantic Freddy

    The restoration has begun.

    After stripping, sanding and 2 coats of primer, the '70 Broncco TX-7 got a new paint job today.
  19. jackeo21

    H25 Restoration

    Hey all, Thought I'd make a little restoration thread as I haven't done one in some time. I'm currently working on an early 60s H25 that was partially stripped by the previous owner and thrown in the corner of a shed. Many years later it sits on my work bench, in more than a million bits...
  20. P

    Getting ready for a TT500 restoration!

    I am about to switch gears from Speedway back to my first minibike love... Rupp's. I picked up this 1968 TT500 that I am going to begin a restoration on. It is a pretty original bike that has a title.