ARCO 3 Z Wheeler

Hello All ... New to this Forum, which looks likes it is full of tons of great info ..
Just curious, after a search, if anyone is familiar with an older 3 wheeler, made by Alexander Reynolds
or ARCO ?
I picked one up, and can vaguely read the name plate on the front, which looks to say 3-Z Rider.
Looks like half Go Kart ( rear ) and half Mini Bike ( front ) ...
Pretty cool looking, so I want to dive in and do a restore with some upgrades..
Just never seen one, and looking for some info and direction ..

I will get a picture up, next time around ..

Hit me up, if you are familiar... Would love to hear some info ..

Thanks !
Don't get discouraged when you can't post a picture, you have to have something like 5 posts first.

Welcome to the forum and look forward to seeing your new toy.
I posted some pics up in the PHOTO's section, under Alexander Reynolds.
I'm starting to wonder if this was a "1 off" type of thing , as it seems to be very rare. I'm still digging around though..
Anyone with any info, and could pass along, would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks !
Don't give up MDuncan...the decal on your forks give's this machine credence imo.

Now that you can post pictures, please post up some more pic's from various looks like the back sits low to the ground like a go kart. Very interesting.

Nice find....:thumbsup: