Artsy photos by my son. 1969 Rupp

Posted these in photos section, but not sure if that's just a storage spot.
Anyway, here are two shots my 12 y.o. son took of the Rupp he's been riding since we completed the restoration this spring.
Based on a bunch of other shots he's done, I think he may have an eye for photography.

(Don't worry about the license plate #. It expired in 1998)


Nice, is it street legal ✌️?

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It WAS back in 1969 (not sure how many years thereafter), but to the best of my knowledge isn't any more. I think there is a 49cc limit on bikes of this stature. This one is a bit over that, at 212cc :)
The plate is actually from the last motorcycle I owned back in '98. I thought it would be a nice touch (and I only just found the plate from a Peugeot moped I had when I was 14).