benilli dynamo information 50 or 65

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I have purchased a benelli dynamo mini trail , I was looking for infomation on oil mix engine identification 50 or 65 cc, trans oil what year etc,. I already borrowed the wiring diagram which is identical to mine. the engine was stuck but looks to be able to be cleaned up. it didnt have a head gasket or barrel gasket which seems odd to me. any parts manual or info would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
Sachs 50cc engines of the same period used 25:1. Not the same engine but probably very similar.

Transmission fluid in that Sachs was traditional ATF. Dexron/Mercon II, III, or IV is a good equivalent. Also on Saxonette, there was a cylinder gasket but no head gasket. I know the engines are different but it wouldn't surprise me if the same things apply.
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thanks I have ordered some books and found out my piston is 40.4 mm. I have oredered rings from this outfit might be useful in the future. I hope that it uses identical rings top and bottom,thanks for your help,I hope this will help someone else. looking for any benelli people for info on parts piston is free and jug is honed.
I am useing white vinegar to clean the tank and various rusty parts,still waitin on the rings from greece . I got the manuals in the mail yesterday so I have most of the information.
I have it all tore apart and most of it in a plastic 30 gallon storage basket to keep it all togeather I will take pics when I get the thing back togeather.