1. FunWithStuff

    Tecumseh HS40 Oil Dip Stick?

    Hello! I was wondering what Tecumseh oil dip sticks would work in a 1974 HS40 model. The parts diagram for my engine has a dipstick depicted, but no part number available for it. On the engine I have, both sides of the sump cover just have the removable plugs on them to pour oil in, like when...
  2. L.skynrd

    Gas is leaking into oil.

    Hello guys. I have a 6.5hp Honda clone from a "Baja Warrior" bike. The oil is full of gasoline, causing it to misfire, and not idle properly. I have checked the float bowl in the carburetor to make sure that the needle for the valve is seated properly. Nothing seems to be wrong with the Floater...
  3. C

    What oil weight should I use in a 1958 2HP B&S

    What oil weight should I use? I'd like to run synthetic as well.
  4. W

    How much oil in a 3hp??

    No dip stick on the oil plug, How much oil dose a 3HP Briggs take?
  5. Possom point

    5hp Briggs governor arm leaking oil?

    Hey everyone, I was working on my other 5hp Briggs tonight, I've had this motor for a while and last time I messed with it the governor pivot arm was leaking from the motor side. So I messed around with it again and got it fired back up. Why would it be leaking oil where the pivot arm is...
  6. Smeeneezle

    Mikuni Round Pulse Pump Seeping Oil Out of Vent

    Hey, I finally got my modified predator 212 running and onto my Carter Brothers Go Kart. Once I was finally able to take it for a spin (which was fun as s%*t) I noticed oil seeping out of the pulse pump which is mounted on top of my top plate. My pulse is coming from the hole where the...
  7. drenchedgremlin

    tecumseh h35-45484m 3.5hp oil capacity?

    Hasve a tecumseh 3.5hp h35-45484m. changing the oil for the first time since i got it & cant find the oil capacity from a google search. I see other 3.5hp that take 21oz, is this correct or close enough? Also, Im using 10w-30 conventional, will this cause any problems? I plan to change the oil...
  8. danford1

    What kind of shocks are these? Oil filled?

    What kind of shocks are these? Are they oil filled? They look like they could be oil filled plus they don't pogo stick and aren't bouncy like other minibike shocks. They are on a Wards 525 but I don't know if they are original to it or added on. They measure about 12 3/8" eye to eye. Thanks Danford1
  9. G

    Oil drain plug

    Can anyone tell me if the drain plug on a Honda gc160 is metric thread or standard pipe thread Would like to extend it a bit. Always like to have the right parts before I start Thanks in advance Craig
  10. ClipperBuggy

    Tecumseh HS40 Angle Mount Oil Capacity

    When you mount an HS40 on an angle, do you need to reduce the oil capacity? I have 21 ounces in my 80's HS40 but the angle mount dipstick says it's over capacity & it's full to the filler neck. thoughts?
  11. ClipperBuggy

    Tecumseh HS40 Slant Mount Oil Capacity

    I read the Tecumseh HS40 motor takes 21 ounces of straight 30 oil. (My motor is an 80's model) I have it mounted on a slant on my FOX Spoke Wheel mini bike. I poured in 21 ounces of oil & the dip stick has it above the safe line. (While slanted) the oil is pretty close to the fill hole, so...
  12. Sixpac440

    How to tighten loose oil filler tube? Pic ..

    I have a Tecumseh H60 .. the filler tube where is goes in the side cover is loose, doesn't seem to make a good seal. I haven't ran the engine yet so I don't know if it leaks. What can be done to seal it in there?
  13. E

    Oil Sensor

    Ok, I just swapped out my old 196cc baja engine with a new Rato 212cc from Canadian Tire (looks like Predator). Bolted in no problem, but when I went to disconnect the oil sensor I couldn't find it. All the videos and images that I could find online show a yellow wire coming out of the...
  14. maknwar

    Flathead had oil everywhere on outside

    I am restoring a 5hp flathead and it looks like oil was coming out of the valve cover breather. I just broke it all down and the intake valve looks pretty bad covered in oil. It also doesn't look like it seats properly. Question is, would the valve not seating properly cause oil to leak down...
  15. Aircooled

    break-in oil

    I was wondering if I should use an oil with high zinc content for break-in. I know it's kind of recommended for flat tappet cams on cars...or just go with a standard 10w-30 and add a zinc additive to the mix?
  16. gwoods27

    HS50-67023 Crank Case Cover Oil seal removal

    Anyone have some advice on removal of the Crankcase Cover oil seal on an HS50. I dont want to do any damage to the crank shaft. Trying to get the case cover off to do a rebuild.
  17. james ackerman

    Tecumseh ah817mb 2 stroke fuel oil mix ratio

    What is the ratio of fuel to oil that this engine recomends, I know they are rare so I wanna be proper with it. It came on a desert fox I just bought.
  18. massacre

    OHH50 oil capacity?

    Hello, What type of oil, and how much, should I be running in my OHH50? Thank you!
  19. Rapidrob

    Oil seak "swelling" fluid that really works?

    I have a two speed transmission that is 90 weight oil filled that even with new seals, leaks around the seals. The shafts are not the problem. The movement of the shafts side to side cause the oil to weep out. The shafts have to move in order to change gears. I've seen there are fluids you can...
  20. M

    Correct Oil and Refresh for Tecumseh HS40-55388C

    Just got a used Tecumseh HS40-55388C with Lighting for a Rupp Roadster restoration and have a few basic questions. What oil did Rupp say to use in this engine? What oil should I use in it in the Northeast in warmer weather; say 50-95 degrees? With no gas tank ready for it yet is there a...