best fork upgrade for db30 old style


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My forks are completely fried and I was looking into getting azusa front forks to replace my doodlebug forks. I measured it all and it seems like a direct drop in, but was just wondering what the community thinks is the best front forks for the doodlebug. There aren't too many direct drop ins are there? I was looking at the mbx11 forks or the azusa front forks as a replacement to my bent ones on my doodlebug... any comments or suggestions is appreciated, thanks.
This would be the easiest option.

MB11 forks are a bolt on if you can find them but you just about have to buy an MB11 to get them. They are long gone from the factory.

You can by pitbike forks off of Ebay and graft them onto your existing forks easily enough. Weld them or clamp them with a Bicycle seat post clamp.
[MENTION=54903]Raskin[/MENTION] might have the best answer for you.

#4 scroll down ..Monster moto selling these rigid forks risers and bolts(soon to be online so you not have to call) can add your choice of handlebars if you want..this another option or if your forks are salvageable you can add pit pike shocks using 1" bicycle seat clamps...they fit over cut off fork ends.i left them long for giggles..I'm actually going to shorten them and use em on a db30..i want to revert my mmb80 back to the original as pictured..a few choices..:laugh: NEW FRONT FORKS SHOCK SUPER DIRT MINI BIKE 47cc 49cc 2 STROKE QG-50 I FK08 | eBay .. IMG_20170606_184644.jpg .. IMG_20170211_224553.jpg