1. L

    Swap Plate db30 to 212

    Swap plate with hardware. used, but perfect working condition. Will need nuts. Has the buglehead screws. 40.00 shipped. Take off the 79cc, and easily install a Predator 212. Text me 269-506-2002
  2. E

    Baja 97cc cylinder head fastener torque specs?

    Anyone happen to know what the torque specs are for the cylinder head bolts on a Baja 97cc motor? I can't find anything google and I'd like to make sure I get it back close to OE spec at least.
  3. P

    Baja Dirt Bug

    Bought this in 2007. Our daughter had very little interest after riding it 20 minutes. That was long enough for me to realize it would only idle at one position of the choke and only move/accelerate at another position. There were two more ten-minute attempts to get her interested before it was...
  4. H

    Coleman TAV Kit

    I've had a lot of requests for instructions and information on our TAV Kit for the Coleman Bikes, old style DB30's and others. I did this quickly on a bike that already had been TAV'd and when I get a another Hemi or do a crank swap on the other Coleman I have, a more complete write up will be...
  5. M

    Help Installing tecumseh 5hp on DB30

    My son and I have a DB30 with a 97cc engine on it. I have this motor and wanted to know what all is needed to install it on the DB30. Also I am unsure how to hook up the throttle, what is needed to hook up the throttle? The 5hp engine does not have a governor on it. Is this a good motor for the...
  6. D

    Db30 fenders

    I have the first db30 it did not have any fenders on it. I hear it had the metal fenders on the original model. Does anyone know where I can buy some? Or will the second gen db30 fenders fit?:scooter: Dan
  7. O

    WTB: DB30 rear wheel

    Hi all, I picked up a rough stretched DB30 basket case as my first mini bike project. It is only a frame. Looking for a disk brake rear wheel assembly before I just go ahead and convert it to 1" live axle. Thanks!

    Briggs 3.5 on db30

    Anyone done a Briggs flathead on a DB30 that has some advice about mounting and chain alignment?
  9. D

    My first db30 build

    Well this is my first DB30 212 build it's getting done nice n slow I don't want to cut any corners here just a preview still missing stuff to put on as I work a lot of hours I try n squeeze some in when I can also just picked up a colemon ct200 n another db30 I think I might have a problem...
  10. Cap'n kanuckles

    (5) db30 rear rims

    I have five rear rims for a db30 mini bike just a rim does have the mounts for the sprocket and the Brake disc,but disc and sprocket not included. Tags on most of them look like New Old Stock $35 shipped each can text or email pics
  11. B

    What's the best gearing for db30

    Just finishing up my db30 build and wondering what size rear sprocket I should run. I'm running a 6.5 predator with a stage one kit, 15x6x6 tires and a 12t clutch. Thanks
  12. B

    Db30 brake hits tire?

    Almost finished with the db30 and with the 15x6x6 tires the brake runs the tire does anyone have a suggestion? I was thinking about shimming out the rotor or grinding a little off the back of the caliper.
  13. B

    Db30 rear wheel question

    Trying to put my db30 back together , It was apart when I got it. My question is the rear wheel has an offset hub, does the sprocket go on the shorter side? Thanks.
  14. Acolytus

    The best way to get tires off a rim?

    I will be putting inner tubes in my DB30 tires since air likes to leak out of them. I got my inner tubes in the mail today and I can't seem to get these tires off the rim. I used a pry bar and tried to break the bead, but it won't work and I am worried I will bend my rims more or puncture the...
  15. L

    best fork upgrade for db30 old style

    My forks are completely fried and I was looking into getting azusa front forks to replace my doodlebug forks. I measured it all and it seems like a direct drop in, but was just wondering what the community thinks is the best front forks for the doodlebug. There aren't too many direct drop ins...
  16. Acolytus

    Picked up this DB30 last night

    Well, it has been about a year and a half since I last owned a mini bike. I got out of the mini bike scene because I was getting into the old Japanese enduros and found them to be more down my alley. I never thought I would ever own another mini bike again after I got into those...well I was...
  17. T

    Wanted: straight DB30 rear rim and disk

    I may need two so let me know what you have and how much you want for each
  18. Raskin

    front shocks for mmb80 or db30

    Front]Front Shock Absorber for QG 50 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Pit Bike Front | eBay Shock Absorber for QG 50 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Pit Bike | eBay[/url] Front Shock Absorber for QG-50 49cc 2-Stroke Mini Pit Bike | eBay[/url] put shocks and a headlight on my mmb80 yesterday morning.no welding ..used 1"...
  19. J

    Wanted: your old doodlebug DB30 forks

    I am looking for 2 sets of doodlebug forks. DB 30. ill take bent ones if they are free but otherwise looking for some takeoffs from yall who have upgraded your DB30s. nothing fancy, just need good forks. let me know thanks!!
  20. Raskin

    couple of late model rides..not bad deals ct200u and db30

    https://gainesville.craigslist.org/mcy/6039757089.html I'd would've bought both these if didn't already have them..nice projects