Blue T555 Windber inspired.."

Since I sold my last 2 running trikes at Windber last year after having such an awesome time in the mud I knew I would have to build another one for this year. I will get some more pics as I go along but for now. I will start the thread. I havent had a blue T555 yet. And since this one will be a keeper I will go with my namesake (Blue). So far I have the frame which hopefully I will get the rear end off tomorrow and get it blasted and primed. I have the tires but still need to get some rims. So on and so forth.

Got this so
I blast the smaller pieces that fit in a blast cabinet at the auction I go to. In their maintenance dept.The bigger parts like the frame that don't fit in the cabinet I do at work outside.I have never had to pay anyone but was recently told a guy had his motorcycle frame blasted for $60. If I do go through the trouble of blasting I take the tires off the rims. That way I can do the inside if the rim and smooth anything out at that time. Then every tire gets new tubes. I didn't get to any blasting today but was able to break down the tires and rims and remove the fender to get ready for blasting. I also got the axles apart and took them out of the differential. I need to get off the old bearings and replace with new as well as replace the differential center section with a new one. I always replace all the bearings and start with a new differential because its a pain to do anything with the axle twice. The center section I took off seemed fine and the gears looked good but the grease was all clumped up and not doing much I gave it a quick clean and will toss on the shelf. Peerless model 150 tag on the side.