Bonanza BC1300 Restomod 20 years later.

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MustangFrank helped with dimensions. His bonanza light had holes around 1-7/8 back from the shrouds and located around 12 and 2:00. I drilled mine around 12 and 1:30.

This kit was from R21 and he provided stick toggle switches, I ordered ball end switches from ebay instead. I didn't look too hard but both are on off meaning when the high beam is on the low beam is on too. I'll either look for a SPDT switch or install a relay..... one day.

Alrighty then, after Christmas I had to move to Kansas for a contract job. I left all the parts in WA but here is the bike to this point. I tried to install a repro fiberglass chain/ clutch cover but because of running the clutch this was around I didn't want it poking out that much. I'll probably make one like I did for my Rupp Continental.

I am still waiting on a new seat.

I went with the briggs animal engine. I like that it's US made and a briggs. Even though most US made mini bikes back in the day seemed to have come with tecumseh engines. I assume because they had a lighting coil? In northern NY we rarely saw them and had a pile of briggs engines from a farm auction. Also I built a 5hp flathead briggs for my continental and the total cost was around $500 after aluminum flywheel, rod, valves and a cam. I ported and shaved it myself and it was fun. This briggs LO206 sealed racing engine was $600 + $180 for the lighting coil and something different....


joshua. c.

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nice job on the build so far. I actually have a very similar build I'm working on but it will look allot different. same frame same engine, same rims, same added front break. and weirdly the shocks are the same color (got them at a flee market, no idea what they came off of) I'll have different fenders and a different tank and exhaust setup. also for now it will have no lights and the engine won't be stock. so have you run it yet? if so how is the power.?
Thank you! Well the sealed LO206 claims 8.8hp. It is quite good, I have it geared fairly high tho should hit 50mph. I built the exhaust myself and my friend welded the intake together for a tighter angle. I will probably swap to DOT tires when I try to register.

Are you using an animal or intek engine?
What brake are you going to use on the front? I think I narrowed this one around 3/8" to make the wheel centered. What tank and fenders are you going to run?

nice job on the build so far. if so how is the power.?
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joshua. c.

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I am using the animal and I have both front and rear brakes. I still need to refresh the motor and do some welding, this bike was really jacked up when I got it. and I still need some parts so I'm a while away from running. the brake I bought are Azusa brakes. they fit perfect. but the mounting point on the wheels aren't quite true and I had to shim one bolt on each to fix that. have not decided on fenders yet I'm thinking stock on the front and I like the look of a home made fender someone made for the back except its boxy and heavy its around 3/16ths thick so Ill re make it. and I have an old round tank off an early hs40 and I plan in mounting it in front of the seat. it doesn't look all that great but I do plan on finding either a good deal on an original, under 100$ (but they are way overpriced, seriously, you can buy a running rupp for the price people are asking for that tank.) or more likely I'll find a random cheep tank that looks good.
I am using the animal ) or more likely I'll find a random cheep tank that looks good.
What are you doing to the animal to get more power?
Here are a tank cover and fenders you could buy!

I was considering the tank cover but after finding out mine was a 1300 and after I stopped crying thinking about the history I went down the path you see above...
Does your wheel look centered in the front forks with the Azusa drum?

joshua. c.

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my engine is getting a billet rod a high lift cam from dyno cams, dual valve springs, porting, big valves, even bigger carb, shaved head and a header pipe. from Roberts torque tubes. it should be a monstrosity on 2 wheels. I'm looking to put some predator engines in there place. as for the brake, I shaved the built in fork tube spacer down to make room for the brake so my wheel is centered in the forks. as far as the reproduction fenders I've been thinking about those but they are more expensive than they first appear. if you look at the add that rear fender is sold separate and is 34$ on its own. still not bad but deceiving. and I don't see any mounting brackets available, I guess you SOL on those? the front one is important to the look and without an original to copy would be impossibly hard to produce at home. also the fake tank is cheep junk. I don't like the idea of cheating like that. I cant help but think making a fake plastic shell to sell and having to buy an extra tank to go inside must be just as expensive to produce as a kit as a real plastic tank so why bother going that rout? also the I wish azusa would make all the odds and ends needed to connect there brake parts to the bike available. where's all the rest of the hardware? spacers, cable nut, connectors between the bike and backing plate ect.
Sounds like you could have bought the briggs world series engine or whatever it's called.

Yes the fenders and tank covers are listed at low prices until you chose a color, sneaky.

I felt the same way about the Azusa parts and not being able to buy them. Seems odd.

joshua. c.

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the engine have I got used cheep for 65$ and after parts and labor its going to be way cheaper and more powerful than the world formula. and it already has a billet rod and dual valve springs and an un known cam ( I may use the cam depending on lift) so allot of the parts I need came with it. plus it won't have the world formulas rev limiter. the world formula is an animal with a rev limiter a slightly bigger carb and slightly better head.