Bonanza MX Resto-MOD

Well we found this one on offer up. Luckily I caught it just after it posted. Got it very reasonable. The bike had some of the usual garbage welded on it and some extra slots in the motor plate. Got those all cleaned up and off to powder. Decided I was not going original color, wanting to dress this one up a little. Forks were roached. I salvaged the plates and remade the fork tubes. Got some of the essential parts chromed along with the seabacs. Got an original evil ed tank and it's off to paint. Seat will be addressed after tank is ready.
I'm not real good about keeping up with the pics so your seeing a virtually completed bike. We had a temporary tank mocked up to check motor.

Got my tank from bigevilone2, I could not be happier. Got if off to the painter and I think it looks great. Next will be a seat, luckily I have a good buddy that does upholstery.
Well,the Bonanza MX is complete. I had Rich Phillips Leather here in St.Louis cover the seat. I'm very happy with the whole bike. Black and white turned out super clean. Torque is good out of the hole, very manageable. This is definitely a cruiser. Black mamba cam really lights when you are cruising and nail it. Front end gets pretty light.
Thanks for all the nice compliments.