Brake mod or upgrade

Hey guys ..i would like to know is there a disc brake upgrade or mod that can be done to my mini bike rear brake to get rid of the pedal to tire brake ? It's an El Tigre and there is barely any space between tire and frame...
Install a clutch band brake (do a search on this forum) and use the scrub brake for your backup/emergency brake should you happen to break a chain which would render the clutch brake useless.
i love the clutch brake, its the only brake i have. Which was bad when i had regular chain and before i had my tensionser that locked the chain on. Clutch brakes are great because it amplifies braking force by the same ration as your drive force. Hands down the best IMO. This tensioner setup has NEVER failed me or popped the chain off. 12493477_10205311151767341_9144293241063718613_o.jpg
All of the drum brakes I have tuned are fantastic for a few hours of use, then only a notch above a scrub brake, until you fully disassemble and tune it again. I am in the Clutch Band Brake camp fully, with all gold-on-gold chain to boot. Unless there is room for a disc brake on the sprocket or rear axle somewhere, then have all three options. It can't hurt- rain, mud, salt and sand have some effect on braking systems.
Good luck, hope this helps, sometimes stopping can be a good thing,