breaking/losing master links


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6.5 mild build on a db 30. i keep losing/breaking masterlinks. the chain is not over tight. the clip is facing twards the rear. i might clip it inside facing the wheel this time.
im climbing big degree hills coverd with rocks and loose sandy soil. pushing it too hard maybe?
Or tack weld the outter plate with no clip that works in a pinch. I did it a year ago I got a new chain and have yet to put it on


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I believe a common problem is that the connecting link is the widest link in the chain. IF the connecting link is put on so that the keeper is on the "drum" side of the clutch there will very often be a problem. There is not enough room on that side of the clutch sprocket to easily clear and the keeper gets 'chewed' off.

If you are mysteriously blowing away connecting links try putting one one facing the other way.