1. Charles S

    YouTube links?

    I can post other links, but not YouTube links; I've tried many times. What's the "secret"? :confused1:
  2. T

    Chain size help, no half links available.

    On my carter kart, I'm installing the new chain , had to shorten it but I realized I prob need a half link. Of course for the RLV extreme performance chain they don't make them. So, if I adjust the jackshaft to take out some slack, the driven pulley will move affecting the belt for the 40...
  3. jdogg

    Links to memorable photo gallerys!!

    Thought it would be nice to have an easily accessible thread to just be able to click on to get to memorable members photo gallerys!! Feel free to post your favorites!! :thumbsup: Yellowhand:
  4. T

    Dead in the water ?

    I took my minibike out to our cottage and rode it pretty hard. The end result unfortunately was a broken chain. I didn't bring any master links with me .my question is would I be able to go and buy a bicycle chain and use the master link on #35 chain just to get me by ?
  5. Tom S.

    You Tube Links Don't Work?

    More often than not, when I click on the link to a You Tube vid that someone has posted, I'm just directed to a blank page that has "<object%20width" in the address bar. Whyzat???
  6. detroit313

    db-30 slick tires

    Anyone know where i can get a 15x6x6 slick tire for my db30?? links please :smile:
  7. L

    FS parts from minibike kit

    I recently retired and had plans to fix an old mini-bike or two, But other things have pushed that plan out. :no: These are new un-used parts from an Anzus (?) kit. Brake hub, shoes, drum/sprocket, cable lever, throttle, cable return spring, etc. also about 12' of 420 chain and 4 master links...
  8. steven Durham

    Links a lot

    For sale a 10 foot box of #40 chain made in China name Lynx ANSI 40-1RX 10 FT Price $15.00 + shipping from Portland, Or 97229 Steve :scooter:
  9. S

    Motorized Bicycles links

    I came here looking for street legal minibikes but have found that there is a LOT going on in the world of added motors to bicycles here are the three best forum links I could find Motorized Bicycle - Engine Kit Forum Yahoo Groups
  10. jeep4me

    NOS #520 RK Motorcycle Chain, 106 links

    Selling a length of NOS RK Motorcycle chain. There are 106 links, no master link. This has never been used and still in it's original packaging. Asking $25 shipped. Paypal preferred, cash or money order are fine too.
  11. dirt

    breaking/losing master links

    6.5 mild build on a db 30. i keep losing/breaking masterlinks. the chain is not over tight. the clip is facing twards the rear. i might clip it inside facing the wheel this time. im climbing big degree hills coverd with rocks and loose sandy soil. pushing it too hard maybe?
  12. creia

    # 35 chain "offset" links

    Also referred to as "half links". Does anybody have any experience using these? :confused:How do they hold up over time? That tiny little cotter pin that holds them on makes me wonder about their durability (i.e., not coming off).:shrug:
  13. S

    So I order 3 master links from Northern Tool...

    So I order 3 master links from Northern Tool via internet, for $2.50 apiece. What shows up? 3 boxes of 25 apiece. :out: So I got $187.50 worth of links for $7.50 :devil2:Having said that, I already have it arranged with the local NT manager to return the extras :innocent:in return for all the...
  14. OldMinibiker

    Roller Chain Connecting Links Where?

    I need to get a few #35 roller chain connecting links but not sure where locally to get em.Does a chain store,hardware,etc carry em? I was looking online but I'm not paying the minimum shipping charges of 5 - 8 dollars for such a cheap part.Where do you get yours? Thanks so much!