Building seat suspension old scholl with two adjustable shocks...


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I am planning on adding suspension to my DB also.
I wanted to do the same as above, but found and bought a springer seat.

I also just puchased these...New Front Forks Shock Super Dirt Mini Bike 47cc 49cc 2 Stroke H FK08 | eBay

Another member on here did these with good results.

Which ever way you go please document your progress... I have two more dbs and the ride is rough.
I actually have those forks with one of my universal triple tree on them. It was straight forward swap. They are pretty cheap though. The PW80 forks are so much nicer! Huge difference in ride for just $20 more. I will actually sell my set of those 49cc forks with the clamps for the doodle buf for $95. Just bolt it on and go! They were used less than a 1/2 mile.
Very nice ride! I like the old school look. I figure it will fit the doodlebug looks well! They work well then? Much travel?
They are ok , not sure how much travel , probably 2" I guess . This set up is only good to soften the ride , really not designed for hard riding , You'll have to do some fab work if ya want something for harder trail riding or go with a swing arm set up !
This is based on jdoggs design !