1. jbonez

    CT200U-EX front suspension upgrade

    Hey Guys, Recently just picked up a CT200U-EX for dirt cheap, rough condition but I just mainly wanted it for the frame since I plan to fully strip, paint, rebuild etc etc. The front shocks have some rust on it and instead of restoring them I wanted to see if there is any upgraded shock kits I...
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  4. BWX

    Trailmaster MB200-2 Forks (shock)

    Does anyone know if they (fork shocks) have oil? They feel like it, but have not taken them apart yet.
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  9. T

    1969 taco shocks

    hello all, does anyone know where i get get a pair of 1969 taco shocks black with the chrome around it ?? let me know thanks bobby
  10. AldoA

    Front shocks the billion options.

    I've spent weeks and weeks looking into this and have discovered sadly nothing currently is produced? mb165, mb200, motovox, Honda wild money Z50 or something like that .. There's obviously a million ways to go, but I want to find the easiest and cheapest. The stock head stem likely has to go...
  11. danford1

    Rear shocks, what kind are they?

    I have a couple rear shocks that came on a Wards 525 I bought. They seem to be oil filled and work Great ! They don't have any name or numbers on them. They have a chrome body. Rough measurement is 12" eye to eye. Here are pics of them. I can take much better pics in a day or two if needed...
  12. capguncowboy

    Universal Chrome Adjustable Shorty Shocks

    These were on a bike I picked up a while back. They measure about 12.5" center-to-center on the fully extended setting $30 plus shipping or I can deliver to Windber
  13. capguncowboy

    68-69 Rupp parts, Brakes, Headlight, Shocks

    I've got a ton of stuff I'm trying to get rid of. All prices include shipping, or I can deliver to Windber. None of these parts have been cleaned, so they're dirty. I can send more pictures via Text -- all you've gotta do is ask. Rupp Rear brake caliper with foot lever and complete axle...
  14. danford1

    What kind of shocks are these? Oil filled?

    What kind of shocks are these? Are they oil filled? They look like they could be oil filled plus they don't pogo stick and aren't bouncy like other minibike shocks. They are on a Wards 525 but I don't know if they are original to it or added on. They measure about 12 3/8" eye to eye. Thanks Danford1
  15. Raskin

    front shocks for mmb80 or db30

    Front]Front Shock Absorber for QG 50 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Pit Bike Front | eBay Shock Absorber for QG 50 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Pit Bike | eBay[/url] Front Shock Absorber for QG-50 49cc 2-Stroke Mini Pit Bike | eBay[/url] put shocks and a headlight on my mmb80 yesterday welding ..used 1"...
  16. C

    Gilson/Sebac Shocks

    Regarding the Sebac rear shocks for the high-line Gilsons, why are the springs installed upside down on every single photo I've ever seen? Progressive coils start out resilient and eventually become "near-solid" or flat in response. With that said, coils at the bottom are spaced far apart in...
  17. OND

    New Rear Shocks 10"

    This is a new set of shocks that I bought for my build off bike.....bolted up but never used . Shocks are 10'' from bolt hole to bolt hole... bolt holes are 3/8''. $40.00 and I'll ship them for free. Great for lowering a swing arm bike !
  18. Ajf

    Chrome betor shocks

    Looking for an nos or nice set of chrome betor shocks that were used on fox, speedways and others. Chrome doesn't have to be perfect as they can be rechromed.
  19. B

    Sebac Shocks

    I was looking for a screw in bottom piece for the bottom of a Sebac Shock on a 1966 Montgomery Ward Riverside 450ss. DJ Wadholm said he might have one, or hopefully someone else...
  20. Stitch

    Coleman CT200U seat, shocks, front end mods finished today

    Well, I finally finished this project today. Special thanks going out to FOMOGO, KEN and TRIPLE A! On to another custom DB30.....