CAT-SLINGSHOT mini-bike/blue/5hp engine may be locked up, not sure


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Yeah, the seller originally had it for $40, and a member purchased it. The seller absolutely refused to entertain the idea of shipping it, despite the offer to pay for it by the buyer. Nor would he just ship a few of the parts off of it despite the buyer asking. He refunded the money, jacked up the price, and relisted it.

I probably wouldn't swap nickels with the guy
Yeah it is worth $40. I like his write up if the bike is relisted the price will go up instead of down, good luck with that. The bike is in rough shape, bent forks, bent bars, cut engine plate, foot peg bar welded across the front, lots of missing parts. On the bright side there is an original front fender, wheels and frame.


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Yeah, the front one. I think the rear might a Bonanza.

He punched in Cat Slingshot and found one that wasn't wrecked, and thinks he's going to get close to the same price.

Maybe he'll come to his senses eventually, but I doubt it.
He had it at $175 a few days ago and the auction said something about oh Im gonna up the price if I relist it.. He lowered the price twice already. That thing is too beat up for me to buy.