Chain size help, no half links available.

On my carter kart, I'm installing the new chain , had to shorten it but I realized I prob need a half link. Of course for the RLV extreme performance chain they don't make them.

So, if I adjust the jackshaft to take out some slack, the driven pulley will move affecting the belt for the 40 series.
So what to do now?

Ok so I was able to make a chain with no master link, loosen the jack shaft and slide it forward. Slip the chain on and slide it back.
I marked the jackshaft before touching it, and comparing where it was to where it is now, a 1/4" forward. So the TC belt is 1/4" too big.

I looked at the motor and there is room to move forward now, so I'll try a 1/4" forward tomorro.

I'm still not sure about the chain tension, the top tension is different than bottom tension. What's the proper tension and how do I measure it?


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