1. Phil1958

    1 and 1 Half Bonanza Fenders

    These fenders were a test. they were completely covered in rust and were beyond redemption for rechroming or polishing. my powder coater guy cleaned, straightened them out best as possible, and, coated them with his closest powder mix to bonanza blue. it is a bit darker. the half fender was...
  2. Not so mini bike

    4" wheel half

    Well turns out I didn't have one. Well I have lil Indian 4" wheel halfs but they are completely different. In need of one like this. This one is on my cheeftah build off bike. Not sure what other bikes this type of wheel came on. Will buy the whole wheel if I need to. Have cash or parts for...
  3. 1stBxMopar

    Tecumseh Metal Half Tank

    Tecumseh metal half tank in nice original condition. With brackets and correct cap-(says gasoline only). No dents, inside is not rusty but could use a cleaning.. $85..Shipped........paypal only
  4. M

    half breed kinda thing

    Ok maybe some one knows about this . Looking for info on a cop car transmission like 1970s 1980s . Its a auto and manual in park natural drive on the column in town gears ya know but getit out of town and tthere's a stick on the floor and manual gears. A real freek think its a ford not a common...
  5. minikenny

    WTB single 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half

    Does anyone have a lonely 6" Ruttman aluminum wheel half in usable condition you would be willing to sell? Doesn't have to be perfect, I can hide it behind the sprocket. I would also be willing to buy both halves if that is what you have to offer. I had an unwelcome surprise when I...
  6. T

    Chain size help, no half links available.

    On my carter kart, I'm installing the new chain , had to shorten it but I realized I prob need a half link. Of course for the RLV extreme performance chain they don't make them. So, if I adjust the jackshaft to take out some slack, the driven pulley will move affecting the belt for the 40...
  7. C

    Half of a TAV? Or Jackshaft? HELP

    Could really use some help figuring out how to get this kart rolling well. We've tried a couple different belt lengths, but the belts were V-shaped (symmetrical) and didn't move the driver clutch well. The set up is a Comet 30 clutch with a Max Torque pulley clutch. I don't know if this...
  8. J

    Wanted: Nylon Azusalite 5 inch wheel half

    I just got a set of wheels and one seems to have a small crack. I would like to replace it instead of trying to fix it. anyone got a spare wheel half?
  9. OND

    Powell Mini Bike Rear Half Wheel/ Brake Drum

    Powell mini bike rear wheel half / brake drum does have some cracks around the bolt holes $25.00 plus shipping. Also for sale on Ebay.
  10. OND

    Powell Mini Bike Front Wheel Half

    Powell front wheel half in usable condition. $25.00 plus shipping. I bought it with some other parts that I needed also for sale on Ebay.
  11. weldkingoc

    Powell steel front rim half

    Steel side of powell challenger front wheel $10 plus shipping PM me for email and i can send pics tomorrow
  12. xBrent92

    Want to sell: ARC Predator rod std length $65 +half shipping.

    Title says all. i need the money so i can buy a forged ARC rod for the 420cc Predator motor.
  13. B

    WTB: 6" LIMTCO wheel half brake drum side.

    WTB: 6" LIMTCO wheel half brake drum side, sprocket and brake drum if all available. Must be clean and in good working order. Thanks, appreciate the help.
  14. Not so mini bike

    Tecumseh half tank

    Tecumseh half tank for sale. No brackets. Gonna need to be cleaned inside. No holes and not rusted through. Nice and solid. $40 shipped
  15. jeep2003

    WTB Manco wheel half 4"

    Looking to buy a lonely 4" manco wheel half :detective:
  16. KustomKartKid

    Tecumseh Steel Half Tank Bonanza MB

    Hard to find Tecumseh steel Half Tank used on some early mini bikes. This one is super clean inside and out with just a few very slight dings. Threads are also nice. Includes mounting bracket and vintage vented steel cap. Ready for paint! $60 shipped...Paypal only.
  17. bigevilone2

    Bonanza kidney bean wheel half

    I'm looking for the small half of a 6" Bonanza kidney bean wheel. The side with the threads. I have the big half and looking to make a complete wheel. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  18. AJaxMini

    6" Go Power wheel half or whole

    I need a single half 6" Go Power wheel or will take a whole one if necessary. I'm trying to complete a resto bike and I'm down to this. Anyone have a half sitting around they don't need? Thanks, AJ
  19. Radford46

    I need a half of a Go Devil front wheel

    Looking for a half of a Folding Go Devil wheel. The half without the air valve slot. They are 6" with 4 bolt holes.Thanks for any help. Kerry
  20. capguncowboy

    Tuning a diaphragm carb on an HS40

    I recently rebuilt the HS40 on my 70 Rupp Roadster (http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/OldMiniBikes-build-off-2015-a/107159-capguncowboys-1970-rupp-roadster-jff-15.html#post948556). For some reason, I didn't test fire it before it was all pretty'd up because I checked the timing and everything else twice...