Clutch help for 460 Vegas Cart Engine

I was wondering what it is recommended. The bike will be used for track and cruising around. I am a large person 250 lbs.

I was considering a higher comet like 40 series or above. The concern is with some of the ones for higher hp they are not made in pairs. Any advice would be appreciated.
I'd get a better clutch, even if you have to mix/match. VC sells the Comet 780, but an old 102/108 will go on with an adapter, and allows much more precise tuning.
I was leaning towards getting a better clutch, VC didn't seem like they new if their 780 would be a good match. I have done a ton of research on clutches but there it is all over the board on recommendations.

Is there ones you would recommend in particular? Ideally I would like to stay under 500, but I don't want to end up buying new belts all the time either. It is easier to buy once/cry once. Thanks again for your help.