1. Smelliott12

    Can I put a clutch on backwards?

    If I put a centrifugal clutch on backwards, as in with the sprocket facing in towards the motor instead of out, will it still work the same? I assume it would but honestly I have no clue. Thanks fellas.
  2. Smelliott12

    Clutch Engaging at idle and overheating

    I've worked on dirt bikes for a few years but have just decided to build a mini bike for the first time. I'm new to these centrifugal clutches and am having some issues. I have it on a predator 212 motor now. Whenever I flip the choke from start to run the clutch engages. I don't know if my...
  3. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  4. 250ATC

    Chain clutch recommendation?

    I’ve got an old Baja Beetle retro fitted with a fully built predator ghost 212. It’s a 35 chain, 3/4 bore and I tried using a master of motion 12 tooth clutch. It exploded 5min in, the sprigs between the clutch pads are bent and over extended. I can find a clutch that’s over 7hp rating. Any...
  5. Sativalynn

    Clutch chain

    Trying to remove the chain. On my mb200 to swap out the clutch but the chain has no master link? Any suggestions?
  6. Sativalynn

    Massimo MB200

    Just got my first mini bike to play around with. Right after assembly (went through the manual and tightened everything. Oil changed and added gas) the bike was making sounds like potential metal on metal every now and then. Seemed to run alright tho (slow af and not what I was expecting after...
  7. Kartman01

    What Is This? Minibike Secondary Clutch

    Does anyone know who manufactured the secondary clutch in the photos? There are no manufacturing logos or markings that I can find. The clutch is on a 1970 Terra Trail Topper minibike. What research I have been able to do indicates Terra’s used Comet clutches, however neither the primary or...
  8. S

    Bt200x HELP

    We removed Jackshaft and reversed the stock bt200x clutch. Why is it SMOKING? Please help!!!
  9. gwoods27

    TrailHorse clutch brake wanted

    Looking for this “TrailHorse” clutch brake See attached pic
  10. Colemanman

    Centrifugal Clutch vs Torque Converter

    Ok so I wanted to make a thread on the benefits of each drive system and the disadvantages of both to help anyone in need of some information on this topic. Centrifugal clutches have springs wrapped around the clutch shoes. When the engine rpm is raised the centrifugal force makes thes waits...
  11. Jhillpd276

    CT200U Crankshaft bolt

    The crankshaft bolt that holds on the clutch vibrates and falls out constantly. What should/could I do? I'm afraid to use locktite incase I have to replace the clutch.
  12. 72duster

    Duster Chopper clutch cover chainguard

    Hey Everybody ! Looking for long chrome chainguard clutch/cover for my Duster Chopper I have had since New in 1972!! Got for my Birthday when I was 7 and Still Love it!! Me and my Brother Ride it in the 70s and 80s -- Great Times! He passed away now and in restoring the Duster but list...
  13. leafvillage

    Minibike find at Flea Market

    This past Sunday I found a minibike it is a Blitz frame with a Honda GX110 3.5 HP but missing a few things. I just noticed I forgot to take a pic of the chain side. I measured it so I think it takes a 3/4" centrifugal clutch. I am looking for help from the members on what parts to order for it...
  14. lowpro

    Vintage clutch...basura?

    Hello ladies and gents. I had some time today to take a more in depth look at my recently acquired Sears/Arco. Upon removing the clutch cover I found an odd looking clutch. I googled and looked for matching photos. The closest I found was listed as a Columbia, but that could have been the...
  15. FunWithStuff

    Aftermarket Clutch Cover/Guard

    I have a 1973 JCPenney's Duster MX mini bike that I am currently looking for an aftermarket clutch cover for. The cover should look something like the photo you see here. Any information would be helpful! Thanks!
  16. BingCrosby

    2 Speed Experimentation

    I'm trying to recreate the Comet style of 2-speed clutch with the dual-sprocket clutch on the engine, and sprag gear-clutch on the jackshaft. For starters, the sprag gear system looks like it could be recreated with parts from Electric Scooter Parts, with adapter FWM-ADAPTER8, freewheel...
  17. Van Alphen TAV2-30 performance upgrade.jpg

    Van Alphen TAV2-30 performance upgrade.jpg

    Performance upgrade designing for clone TAV2-30 series clutch. Design by: John van Alphen, Netherlands. Zero vibration?!
  18. mercury clutch

    mercury clutch

    mercury clutch
  19. mercury clutch

    mercury clutch

    mercury clutch
  20. mercury clutch

    mercury clutch

    mercury clutch