Couple of foxes

Well I ended up picking up acouple more bikes this morning. The desert fox is mostly complete. The engine is a Tecumseh ah817mb
Not sure what hp that is but it's cool. Plastic seat flaring is cracked some on the one side but not to bad. Maybe with some warmer weather I can try and fire it up. It looks like it would be a kick ass ride. Oh and the best part. The sellers dad came out while I was looking over the bikes and we started talking. I of course wore my mini bike vest with all my patches. Lol he asked if I rode Harley's. I kind of snickered. I told him I was into mini bikes and how many I have and what I'm into. He said well I might have some wheels you can have. Goes out to the shed and comes back with a set of 6" manco wheels. One with a sprocket. He said if you want them you can have them. Of course I took them. He also threw me what appears to be fox wheel as well. I gave them both cards and was on my way.


Ding Ding

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Cool find. Some unique front suspension on those things. Let us know when you find out the HP of the tecumseh

And out of curiosity, how many mini bikes do you have?