Cushman Scooter Winter Project

Last spring I purchased a 1947 Cushman "Step Thru" Scooter Model #54. I posted some pictures of it but am unable to retrieve old threads ever since the OldMiniBikes website was updated. I am posting these pictures again as I have now started on this project. Although I have owned it since April 2014 I have resisted all temptations to work on it because I needed to save it for the winter months when my outdoor activities are severely curtailed due to the weather. This should be a fun project.

My Cushman #1.JPG My Cushman #4.JPG
The bike is a complete running unit that has serious cosmetic issues which I will rectify. Here are some initial tear-down shots. FYI, this is a titled vehicle that will be licensed and driven on the streets.

Initial Teardown.JPG Engine Shot #3.JPG
C:thumbsup::thumbsup:L ride, you will definately get some sheet metal experience with it. they must have built tons of those and the allstate scooters but where are they at ?
If you need any references or pics from the manual..PM me. I have a bunch of info and manual for the 1950 60 series. They look like they didn't change much from 1947.
These scooters were produced in Lincoln Nebraska. In my search for one I found that many of the surviving pieces are located in states with close proximity to Nebraska. I searched for some time before I found a scooter in close proximity to my home of New Jersey.

Here is a shot of the frame after stripping most of the parts off of it.

Progress on the Cushman Project

The louvers on this body were beyond repair. I got patch panels, fitted them and tacked them in place. I just need to to continue small beads to control warpage. Once the bead is solid I can work the metal to straighten the rest of the body out.

I have a frame like that and I ought it to turn it into a step through trike. I do have the front end and bought all the front wheel parts and the hub and axle from Carpenter. Did you ever find the serial number for your unit ?
I need to sell all the parts I have but the frame seem to be the stumbling block in shipping such a bulky item.
Your project is coming along just fine
Nice work, glad you got'er done, I love these old Cushmans. there's a company that started making them again under license from Cushman, they call them the Cushman II. I was going to buy one but my wife said it would look like I was riding a snail, I told her I would get a custom plate that read "GARY" as that was the snails name on SpongeBob Squarepants, Hahahahaha.