Fairbanks engine


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It says type 13, it may be a 6hp, but it is a really big 6hp with a large exhaust pipe. I'm going to look for a CB350 or something like that with title and a bad motor and put this in it with a tav 40. It has really good compression and seems to run good at WOT and can idle to a really slow idle speed.

Thanks again for the response :smile:.

Looks to be a 6hp Wisconsin AKN model.
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It's a 6-7hp. You are looking at the type of the magneto on the magneto tag. That has its own tag and has nothing to do with the engine itself except for fitment. The engine itself would have had a plate over it like my Wisconsin AKN on my snapping turtle.
This is a 7hp on my snapping turtle. And yes I agree they are huge.