Flat Track Racing (Saturday Aug 5th)


Always fun at Hell On Wheels "Hot August Nights".

gate opens at 2pm
practice starts at 4pm
racing starts after practice, and goes on under the lights.
$40 to race, $10 to spectate

shoot, i don't know, "you gotta have a pull start." haha
But, Just try to Keep in the spirit of vintage old school pull-starts :thumbsup:
6.5 predator max
10" wheels max
Idea is to have fun, run with the pack, be safe, and who knows, if you make some good turns, you could get your photo with the HoT SuMMeR NiGhTs trophy girl !:censure: :laugh:

oh yea, and always, no front brakes in flat track.

(pic: two Briggs and a Predator having a fun battle from last years race... Last lap! Last corner !)
The group of Tri-Sport Dealers and their customers as well as any other trikes held a campout there @ Perris and we used a modified section of their TT track and our course went off the track and did a loop out into the rocks and boulders as big as houses and then back to the track . It was a fun time but fun was easier back in 1973.