1. thomas3120

    Some modifications to my Trailmaster Hurricane/Pred. 224cc

    Some mods I've done to my mini bike. Will add more pics tomorrow.
  2. Dans1970Z20

    NOS New Briggs Raptor 3 in Briggs Motor Sports Tote 135230

    Finally got around to digging out my Raptor 3 engine crate, taking pictures and listing it on eBay. Any questions let me know. Have decided I will never get to my Bonanza project...
  3. Chain Linkin

    Lambton Old-School Mini Bike Racing Association - Video Update

    I started a new thing a few months ago where I post videos of our racing on Youtube. Here's my latest. Since I'm (usually) racing these videos are bit and pieces of the videos and picture from our spectators. If I messed up the link, the title of the video on...
  4. Scumbag

    Flat Track Racing (Saturday Aug 5th)

    Always fun at Hell On Wheels "Hot August Nights". gate opens at 2pm practice starts at 4pm racing starts after practice, and goes on under the lights. $40 to race, $10 to spectate Fun! rules??? shoot, i don't know, "you gotta have a pull start." haha But, Just try to Keep in the...
  5. K

    dirt quake usa mini bike racing

    im attending my first dirt quake usa this year. im bring my lil indian. but next year i want to race. has anyone raced in dirt quake on a mini bike. and what bike did u use and what tips can u give me
  6. capguncowboy

    Vintage Mini Bike racing footage (music video)

    A buddy of mine sent me this a while back. Its pretty awesome. Not a fan of the music, but the video is great. Enjoy!
  7. C

    Success w/ NR Racing Exhaust on MB200-2

    Just wanted to post up a happy coincidence. I had purchased a Stage 3 setup from NR Racing for the CT200u. I ordered the "mini bike downdraft style" header hoping it would work on the Coleman (no luck). But it fit like it was made for the MB200-2. A lot more clearance at your leg than the stock...
  8. S

    John Louis Racing ? ?

    I have a small Mini with a decal on both sides of the fuel tank reading JOHN LOUIS RACING LTD, Bury ST. Edmonds 67951 Engine is a 504/1A and must be bump started. Any clues and information are appreciated.
  9. S

    John Louis Racing Trainer

    I have a John Louis Racing Mini with a Sachs 504/1A engine, any one have information they could share ?
  10. buckeye

    Deep South Racing

    Had a little fun this weekend.
  11. L

    12T Titan racing clutch wanted

    12t titan racing clutch wanted.. for #35 chain
  12. Chain Linkin

    Mini Bike Racing Video - Summer 2016
  13. Aikido

    FOR SALE...Birel RX30SE racing kart ( Rotax)

    Selling a Birel RX30SE kart with Rotax 125 max engine (28hp) Electric start ! 50mm axle, hydraulic brakes , muffler has never been drill out. I bought this kart from the original owner in the winter of 2015 he never raced the kart nor have I. Its all original with no scratches on the bottom...
  14. markus

    Wiseco .080 Tecumseh H25/H30 NOS racing piston

    .080 piston for a Tecumseh h25/h30 engine $45 shipped.
  15. Sprocket86

    Mini bike Cross Country racing.

    I remember reading these small mini bike/go kart/snowmobile/trike picture books in grade school and they were published in the 70's and I can remember seeing in the mini bike book what looked like organized mini bike racing. I remember seeing banners and all the various vintage minis lined up...
  16. trinik7597

    Ambush racing

    I know there are some kart guys here .. but the rest of you guys may not know about ambush racing and their new line of high quality billet products for the big and small block Hondas and clones as well as the animal engines ... I already had a couple of their products .. flywheels and such ...
  17. W

    Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indy

    Anyone coming to the PRI show in Indy this weekend. If it has to do with racing from the machinery to produce the vehicle and its powerplant to the vehicle to transport it to the race, it will be there. I said last year that it was my last but the memory of the discomfort from all the walking...
  18. Studeman68

    Best Racing Baja Ever...

    LOL The Best Racing Baja Warrior Mini Bike Ever Made | eBay
  19. outcrydrummer

    Racing Karts in the yard

    Ok guys so I went out and bought to racing karts. One i believe to be an older margay or something (american mount rails) and one unknown (international mount) Anyways I will post pics shortly. I'm running 11-6 tires on the rear of both. I have 1 axle adjusted down and its pretty close...
  20. Zaxphyr

    Help With Racing Pred 212/DB30

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a few pointers on getting my minibike to its peak performance. The 212 is a hemi with billet rod, flywheel, mod2 cam, etc. and is built very well and runs great, if I had to guesstimate it has around 12hp. However, the top speed isn't quite were I expected it to be...