got a couple new toys

I recently acquired two cat bikes with 3 briggs engines and a :001_9898: load of parts along with a rupp tire and some Carlisle double Indian Head tires and many more goodie
and I was given one hell of a deal
I might be selling the tires like the rupp, double Indian Carlisle and gasoline tanks things of that nature let me know if you need something of that nature


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They are really hard to find, the 12-4 equates to the 4.10 - 3.50 size. They look right on early bonanza go powers and stuff like that with the alligator sidewalls.

I sold a pair of them on ebay last week, took me awhile to sell them since they were not cheap (but I paid just about as much to get them in unknown condition), but they sold.

I know where there is a match someone is selling if you want to make a pair, shipping is pricey on it though.
Cat Wheel Star Tin

Great stuff you got there!

Please let me know if you have an extra cat wheel star tin. I need one for one of my cat wheels.