Got a good deal on a couple of motors


A Clinton A400 and a JLO L99. The Clinton will run with a little work and the JLO is NOS. Will hopefully have both in bikes in not too long. Let the braaping begin!

Looking for parts for the Clinton.


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Braap away! Love the ring-dings! My neighbors do not! Can you get more pics of the JLO...I like her curves! How many CC's is it? Does it have a 3/4" PTO?

Nice haul! I may have some patterns for the Clinton gaskets. I make vintage gaskets. PM me if you need some!
I will post more pics later today. The JLO is a 100cc putting out about 4.75 hp stock. PTO is about 14 mm (0.55 inches) so will most likely machine an adapter for it. Like I said, NOS so the inside of the cylinder is beautiful with original factory crosshatch. Metering diaphragm in carb is stretched out and reeks of gas which leads me to believe that the motor was run once or twice for testing. Still has showroom stickers on it!