1. J

    reversing clone motors

    A friend and I were noticing the Honda/clone motors have the cylinder facing the wrong way. If it pointed out the front of the bike it be so much more room, better cooling,etc. A couple ways to do this. One is have a cam made, change timing and the motor would run "backwards" so you could turn...
  2. drenchedgremlin

    Are tecumseh "power sport" motors any good?

    I am considering buying a tecumseh power sport 3.5hp motor for under $50. Runs good and looks to be in nice shape. ANy one have good experience with these motors, or should i save my money. Need someone to talk me into or out of it
  3. owend


    I can bring them to Windber or shipping will be from N.Y. 13032 Honda GC 150 3/4 shaft bought it from James A. he said it ran great, a little dirty and never got to use it. $80.00 Honda GC 190 3/4 shaft with a header pipe and air cleaner and rebuilt the carb $150.00 Tecumseh OHV 3/4 shaft...
  4. BWL

    Top Four Powerheads for Hot-Rodding Mud Motors I'm about to start a new build. I was thinking of powerheads people use to build mud motors. I'm talking serious power 8k RPM and above using clones. Okay, I listed them as follows: 4. HB non-hemi 3. Dynocams clone 2. HB hemi 1. Box Stock...
  5. 19honda69

    Tom Thumb motors

    Ohlsson/Rice motors and parts used for authentic Tom Thumb builds. Engine without covers is NOS. Looking for Bonanza parts trades.
  6. Sixpac440

    Tecumseh and Clinton .. related motors?

    Tecumseh and Clinton seem the be similar in a few ways .. Is there and relationship between the 2?
  7. red baron

    Has anyone here used clinton motors?

    I bought a 4hp last week and was wondering if anyone else uses them?
  8. adarter

    Continental motors Corp. AU 8.5

    I acquired a basket containing possibly all of a 3 horse 1951-53 I'm told motor. Any info would be appreciated. Spec no 127-450
  9. ludicrous speed

    tecumseh motors for sale

    H50 broken rod ran good prior. missing recoil,recoil cover in poor shape/cracks. $80 Hs40 White/ runs good with spray but no carb no exhaust. had them both but exhaust was rotty and carb was frozen. came off snowblower and has super small Electric Starter as well. $100. Hs40...
  10. 1stlegendtx

    Harbor freight Electric motors

    Has anyone ever bought an electric motor from Harbor freight? I need a motor for my air compressor. Nice and cheap but not worth it if it only last a week. Anyone have one ?
  11. E

    west bend 580 motors and parts

    I am looking for some torque specs for a west bend 580 need to rebuild mine it has low compression please help!!!
  12. jeep4me

    $85 Motors

    Briggs 6.75hp ohv, runs great. 3/4" shaft. Baja Warrior clone, 6hp, 196cc, 3/4" shaft, w/lighting coil. No shipping, sorry. $85 each. Pictures coming.
  13. David wulf

    Got two motors DYNO tested today

    Well today I went down to STOUT racing in Cleveland TN , first thing I want to say is Louis stout was as nice as can be and I enjoyed the time spend with him . Also the information learned today was invaluable . The motors I took there are a hemi predator with an RTC6 head extensive port work...
  14. old shed finds

    We have tons and too many horizontal 2-6 hp briggs and tec parts motors

    Anybody need any parts for briggs or tec 2-6 hp engines,, we build and restore go karts and mini's and find we have tons of engine parts,, let us know the part you need,,
  15. ModelAJim

    Tecumseh 2 cycle Motors NOS for Sale *Updated*

    **Updated!!!...I've got (2) Tecumseh AV600 engines that are NOS. Never been run still in the box. Was going to use on a project but I'm not going to need them now. These really need a good home! They aren't too heavy or big so they are easy to ship. $75 ea plus shipping. I'll accept Postal mo...
  16. ogygopsis

    Fox Campus Motors Are Finished

    Just finished up the ten Briggs & Stratton motors for the ten Fox Campus bikes that I am restoring and thought you might like to take a look at them. I decided to go with five of the 3hp and five of the 4hp. All of them have been blueprinted to factory specs. with all new internal and external...
  17. T

    vintage outboard motors

    Anybody dig old outboard motors? I was into them 30 years ago. Still have lots of stuff on hand mostly Elgin. Have other brands as well. They go from 3 hp up to 15 hp. This stuff would be fantastic for someone who tinkers with these. Most still have spark. Which is good. Im tired of tripping...
  18. braaaaap

    Got a good deal on a couple of motors

    A Clinton A400 and a JLO L99. The Clinton will run with a little work and the JLO is NOS. Will hopefully have both in bikes in not too long. Let the braaping begin! Looking for parts for the Clinton.
  19. K

    3 briggs and 3 tec motors

    I have 3 briggs and 3 tec motors I would like gone all are missing something $25 for all NO SHIPPING I am 21 miles north of portland or Ken 360 225 6448 NO SHIPPING 2 5hp briggs 80's motors 1 3hp briggs 80's 2 black 3hp side poppers white 2.5hp rear exhaust missing carb ken
  20. D

    Side Popper questions

    I got three free motors yesterday. One is an older two stroke. One is a little Briggs that is mostly complete, and I got what I think is a side popper. It appears to be removed from some kind of snow thrower or old power tool. There are some numbers stamped in the top cover. It has a large...