GX200 aluminum shield


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I know there was a thread related to the one I'm about to make but I can't seem to find it and don't know what to search anymore. So, I removed the aluminum on the GX200 so that the TAV will fit. But isn't it bad to remove it? I mean it looks like rocks and dirt could get in there and cause disaster. Should I try to modify it so it still protects the engine and me from an exploding engine? Whatever I do, I'm not leaving it open like hat. :eek:ut:
now that i think about it some more (and carefully read the post), i'm 95% sure he cut the case open. :facepalm:

post pics of whatever you cut.


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Nevermind, I put it back anyway. It seems to clear the TAV okay but it's hard to tell because of other things.

No, I didn't cut the damn case open :thumbsup:
I just unbolted the piece of aluminum on the bottom of the engine that also partially covers the fins. You know what I'm talking about?
Hopefully a real small engine expert will jump in here, but the sheet metal relates to the flywheel fan; I leave them on because i assumed the air flow is better that way, especially for engines that are run for a long time!
they do help with cooling some, but these engines are also designed for use in stationary applications. as long as you're not creeping along all the time or sitting still for long they aren't needed. i always took them off since the engine looks better that way.
The engine does look a lot better without it. I just don't like that I am able to poke the flywheel lol. I need to take a break from asking questions, I always make myself look stupid :p
TAVs have some clearence issues with the GX200 and 160.

There is a cooling shroud some people remove or modify to improve clearence.

I don;t think its wise to screw with this.....
Use different holes on the TAV2 and tilt the engine.
Use the TAV1 back plate and gently massage the cooling shroud so it fits.
Use the Yerf dog jack shaft with 30 series parts and or tilt shoft adjust as needed to clear things.

Just look for solutions in other parts is all I can offer.