H35 Lighting Coil Flywheel Questions

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I have an Aspera HT35 from the 1960's/1970's which for all intents and purposes is the same as an H35. I recently got an H35 lighting coil from an OldMiniBikes member and the flywheel rubs against the coil. Question is: are the flywheels on the lighted H35 engines different than the flywheels on the non-lighted engines??

Also, where can I get the correct tools to set the points/timing. Thanks guys!


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The stators don't interchange, The lighted ones have a larger circumference than the non lighted by a few thousandths so it will rub on a non lighted flywheel, you could go the other way around (non lighted stator on a lighted wheel) but the air gap is too great to produce good spark I would imagine.

So yes, that means the flywheels are different, Lighted ones have magnets all the way around to keep a field going to the lighting coils, so even if it did fit a standard flywheel would not be enough for the lighting coils to produce any power.

The flywheel you need for a pre 1975 small frame "H25-35" engine is part number 32338, Its pretty uncommon unfortunately.

Also note that the Lighted flywheels in that era are physically thicker than the non lighted as well, So if your fan shroud has screws or pop rivets holding the recoil on, in most cases it binds with the fins. So they used thin weld on head studs on the lighted engines to gain the clearance.

the Tecumseh timing tool is part number 670241 make sure it comes with the offset foot if you buy one or you wont be able to use it as intended (through the spark plug hole).
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