Has anyone used one of these for building frames or forks??

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As I understand it this style roller bender does a nice job but does not do a tight radius. Mini bikes tend to have rather tight radius bends. Or at least not as tight as the 'Hossfeld' type. That's what I've been told. I also would like to know if anyone has experience with 3/4 or 7/8 or 1 inch tube.


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Those are some of the questions I was wondering about "How think of tube will it handle?" "how tight of bends will it do?"

The Hossfed is an awesome bender but no way is that in the budget LOL.....

I was mainly thinking about this bender to make new forks for frames that have damaged ones, if it would do a nice 90 and not a lazy 90 like you see with conduit for electical wiring thats what I'd need..:thumbsup: