He lowered the price , isn't that legal ?

He lowered the price , isn't that legal ?
I am replying in off-topic, since there IS a specific rule against discussion not related to the item for sale in sales threads. I can't prove it, but it stands to reason that rule is because every reply puts the for sale item back on top. A "bump."

I guess you are saying lowering the price doesn't count as a bump. Think about it, any time you reply to your own thread you are bumping it to the top. AND bumping other sellers down. :thumbdown: Nothing magical about using the word "bump", people just use it when they have nothing new to say.

Even so, if it happened one time, on one item; nobody would say a word. But that is not what is happening here.

He is fishing, plain and simple. Throw out an item at a high price and see if anyone bites. Then every few hours bump the thread by lowering the price a few bucks. No bites? He does it again. 3 different prices in 36 hours. Times 20 items or whatever he has listed. :eek:ut:

He should ask the price he really wants and leave it alone for a full 7 days like the rules say. :deal:

My opinion, I don't make the rules, I just try to follow them. (Since we all agreed to when we joined the site.) :thumbsup:


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I saw all the ads and I think it sucks!

I would never do that just based on the fact that I don't want a bunch of folks here thinking I am a broke, fishing, douchebag! I don't believe that is within he spirit of the rules, or common decent behavior. If it is within the rules then we should all list items for lots of money and drop them by a penny! I am a sport and always willing to play!
there are times when i wish we had thumbsup and thumbsdown Ratings for the posts here on this forum.
this is one of those times.
Ty for saying something Kenny.:thumbsup:
My opinion again :laugh:

Put fair prices on stuff you won't even need to bump it. :thumbsup: People searching for stuff will find your ad no matter how old it is. :detective: Biggest reason to bump I think is to let people know the item is for sure still available so they don't have to ask. :shrug:
Every forum I go on bumping a thread is acceptable. One motorcycle forum I'm on I have a couple of bikes for sale and if I don't bump/reply daily they're off the front page. Most people don't search the classifieds on forums and just take a quick look. If that post drops down it won't be seen.