1. L

    Tri'Sport Street Legal Body for sale

    I have a few tri-sport bodies for sale. Asking 175.00 or 300.00 for 2. They are new in good condition . Also looking for SL frames. Send text for pics
  2. E

    New here... Street legal Coleman 200

    Figured I'd join up, seeing as I need some advise anyways. Picked up a coleman 200 from walmart on black friday for $400, ok price for what it is... I basically got it for LEO use while working at the bigger events, shows and races, where a golf cart just doesn't fit through man gates or...
  3. Raskin

    street legal mini..comfy seat?
  4. Sixpac440

    Riding my street legal mini bikes in other States, can I?

    I live in Michigan. I have 2 1970 Heathkit Hilltoppers that are legally registered as mopeds in Michigan. Can I take them on Vacation and ride them legally in North Carolina and Tennessee? Kevin
  5. we4amigos

    Street Legal BGW TriRod in Ohio

    Kinda rare bird looks to be a solid start ,,but pretty pricey IMO Rare early 70's trike
  6. Jordanminibike

    Street legal minibik

    Howdy, Ive been into minibikes since i was a child and have built a few in the past couple of years. I recently sold my doodlebug and ever since have been regretting it.. I have terrible luck with vehicles, i cant help it i like going fast. but in the past five months ive blown 2...
  7. minikenny

    He lowered the price , isn't that legal ?

    I am replying in off-topic, since there IS a specific rule against discussion not related to the item for sale in sales threads. I can't prove it, but it stands to reason that rule is because every reply puts the for sale item back on top. A "bump." I guess you are saying lowering the price...
  8. N

    1971 Rupp roadster 2 with street legal regi

    1971 Rupp Roadster 2 Mini Bike Street Legal | eBay
  9. BGW, street legal, tri-rod, engine

    BGW, street legal, tri-rod, engine

  10. smallbikes88

    Any street legal riders in the cleveland area?

    ok I started a page on facebook so we can all get together for rides or meets? let me know if you want in. doesn't matter what you ride as long as its street legal!
  11. D

    one of my street legal alsport tr-sports

    Here is pictures of my 3rd gen tri-sport street legals. I love the foot rest on this one it will be going back on the streets where it once was.
  12. S

    This will be my new street legal project

    I picked this yamaha ysr yesterday with a clean ny title. It has a 1980 something yz80 engine in it.I think it might be a 1987 or 88. The bike is a 1987 first year they made it. I also have a 1988 ysr that I have on the road and drive from time2time.I also added a picture of a 1989 ysr that I...
  13. P

    Street legal minibike

    I live in Missouri and was wondering if it is even possible to register a minibike if you make it street legal. Do you think you could trick people to think a 212cc predator is a 49cc engine if the predator has a aftermarket header, exhaust and separate gas tank to where it looks smaller and...
  14. Unknown


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  16. Unknown 2

    Unknown 2

  17. Unknown


  18. Exalter Explorer

    Exalter Explorer

    Exalter explorer by Owosso BDI
  19. markus

    street legal cruiser

    Little too much going on for my taste, maybe simplified a bit though :shrug: Never heard of them...