Heathkit Hilltopper colors

Gold is the only original color I have seen them in . Chattem 63 and I where talking about how difficult it was to get the correct color made . He may have the color code that he used on the clutch covers he made .


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Thanks Yankee-Bears. I was hoping they also came in white but Rustoleum Hammered Gold will have to be close enough for this one.
I will post the color code and name of color,if I remember right it was used on only 1 model of a dodge in 1972.Plymouth used the same code but it is a different color. R@M is the paint color book we found it in.okay here is the code Y8-1972 imperial only color/,gold leaf irridecent, found another name for it also dark gold poly. a lot of paint stores looked it up and it comes up as a tan,not correct .
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